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Donations needed to provide drinking water for people affected by contaminated community wells on San Juan Island

  • Written by Maureen See

We have neighbors on our island who are suffering from water contamination, in their homes, in their community wells and more.    One of the great advantages of living on San Juan Island is that we stand together when there is crisis.   We help one another.

Together with a contribution from the Mary See Foundation, the dedicated members of the SJI Firefighter’s Association, and others, we will be able to provide some critically needed clean drinking water for our neighbors who have been valiantly living through an unthinkable situation.    The larger remedy involves the Dept of Ecology and other government agencies as well as universities and PFA specialists across the country.  This situation is huge.

We need your help.   If you can, please send a contribution to the SJI Firefighter’s Association at 1011 Mullis St, Friday Harbor WA and specifiy it as “The Water Project.”    Every penny will go directly to those in need of clean drinking water.  The Association is a stand-alone nonprofit and is not part of the fire department.

Please show your island spirit and join us in helping our neighbors.

More info Hannah Heights water system tests positive on San Juan Island for PFAs 

Last modified onMonday, 14 August 2023 15:51