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San Juan County Sheriff's Office now part of Narcan distribution program

  • Written by Sheriff Eric Peter

San Juan County Sheriff’s Office has worked with WA State Department of Health to become part of the Naloxone Distribution Program. This program supports access to Naloxone for people who are likely to experience or witness an opioid overdose. If you or someone you know uses opioids and is at risk of overdose, come in to the office and receive some Naloxone to have on hand.

There is no paperwork, no tracking of who receives it, we are hoping we can help save another life.

It is while supplies last and we will reorder as needed and accept what DOH will assist with. Please lets work together in helping those that request help and being prepared with Narcan for those who do not.

Opioid Emergencies can happen anywhere, anytime. Having Narcan available during these emergencies has saved many lives.

While San Juan County Sheriff’s Office does not condone the use of Opioids, other than as prescribed by your physician, the Opioid Crisis is real. San Juan County is known as paradise, but we cannot hide from this crisis.

All of us at San Juan County Sheriff’s Office, wish our community did not have to face these issues but cannot pretend they are not happening. If you or someone you know needs help with drug addiction, our office could be a resource and I encourage you to seek help. We can assist you with contact information and support anyone seeking assistance with drug addiction.

Our office has seen an increase in Fentanyl related incidents. An overdose can happen to anyone who uses illegal substances. There is no regulation or control of these substances. A miscalculated dose could easily become an overdose resulting in death. One death is one too many.

In our community, we are one big family, we know each other and a loss of life has an effect on all of us.

Facts of Fentanyl:

  • Over 150 people die every day from overdoses related to synthetic opioids like fentanyl.
  • San Juan County Sheriff’s Office has used Narcan to save lives while EMS is responding.
  • Calls related to Fentanyl are increasing in San Juan County.
  • We are in an opioid crisis.

This is about saving lives. The Sheriff’s Office does not condone any drug use, the preservation of life is of the utmost importance and we will continue the effort to help save as many lives as possible.  

We have lost loved ones in our community and we are hoping not to lose any more lives related to opioid overdose.