Recent Real Estate Transactions in the San Juan Islands: Jan. 1 - Feb. 7, 2018

Sales recorded in 2018 in San Juan County include: 

February 7, 2018:

Louis Casey of Bandon, Oregon sold 3041 Center Road on Lopez Island to David and Barbara Thomas of Lopez Island for $132,463.

February 6, 2018:

John and Mary Kalbert of Friday Harbor sold 375 Spruce #9B in Friday Harbor to Penelope Harner of Friday Harbor for $305,000

Dale Kowalchuk of Everett sold Lot 28 Raccoon Point No. 2 on Orcas Island to Aida Flor A de la Cruz and Eric Foss of Seattlefor $105,000.

Keary Taylor and Justin Taylor sold 117 Candlewood Lane in Eastsound to Kimberly Malo and Kirisimasa Malo for $316,000.

Patrick Fox of Friday Harbor sold Lot 47 Bridle Trails on San Juan Island to Jared and Michelle Payne of Friday Harbor for $95,000.

February 5, 2018:

Denis Burger and M. Elaine McCall of Portland, OR sold 209 Marine Drive on Blakely Island to Richard Kemp and Maxwell Inog of Stockton, California for $400,000.

Paul Peterzell and Jane Thomason of Larkspur, California sold Lot 50 Hillview Terrace No. 3 on San Juan Island to Todd and Lee Ann Russell of Friday Harbor for $105,000.

FEBRUARY 2, 2018:

Edward and Elaine Griffin of Shaw Island sold 144 St. Lukes Avenue on Shaw Island to Andrew and Amber Borner of Shaw Island for $180,000.

JANUARY 31, 2018:

Harvalee Hess heir of Bessie Wright of Lopez Island sold 1401 Bakerview Road on Lopez Island to Alec Cardenas of Lopez Island for $542,000.

Barry and Deborah Bartmasser and Steve and Debra Cutting of Friday Harbor sold Lot 4 Mavericks Lane on San Juan Island to SEAGO, LLC of Seattle for $525,000.

Shirley and J. Steven Jonesof Blairsville Pennsylvania sold 33 Driftwoods Shores on San Juan Island to Michael and Elise Liptack of Monroe for $330,000.

JANUARY 30, 2018

Lawrence Kaiser of Deer Harbor sold 22 Ralph Gott Road in Deer Harbor to Christopher and Tracy Betcher of Deer Harbor for $243,674.

JANUARY 26, 2018

Yvonne Swanberg of San Juan Island sold 3136 Roche Harbor Road  on San Juan Island to SJ Vineyard LLC of Sumner for $1,094,510.

Timothy Judkins of Friday Harbor sold 772 Mullis in Friday Harbor to Leo and Christine Michael of Friday Harbor for $725,000.

Dona Ryba of Friday Harbor sold 105 Victoria Drive on San Juan Island to Bryan and Pamela Steed of Friday Harbor for $445,000.

JANUARY 29, 2018

RH Lot 40 and 48 LLC of Seattle sold 54 Ada’s Aly on San Juan Island to Justin and Nicole Ayers of Maple Valley for $850,000.

Andrew Brooks of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania sold 208 Cape Saint Mary Road on Lopez Island to Trevor Snapp of Port Townsend for $245,000

Donald Peterson of Anacortes sold 494 Decatur Head on Decatur Island to William Whitney of Yakima for $285,000.

JANUARY 23, 2018

John Fowler and Teri Williams of Eastsound fold 91 Dolphin Lane on Orcas Island to Hans Rolla of Seattle for $340,000.

JANUARY 22, 2018

Lee and Karen Hodge of Orcas Island sold 232 Hummingbird Lane on Orcas Island to Gordon and Maureen Crowe of Orcas Island for $2,925,000.

JANUARY 22, 2018:

Steven Alboucq as Trustee of the Steven Alboucq Revocable Living Trust of Eastsound sold 124 Eastsound Shores Road on Orcas Island to Seebrook LLC of Eastsound for $256,470.

Gregory Davis of Seattle sold 550 Hemlock Court in Friday Harbor to Dorena West-Mooney and Justin Mooney of Friday Harbor for $330,000.

Lauren and Carlo Franciosi of Friday Harbor sold 269 Rogers Road on San Juan Island to Gary and Mary Weiss, co-trustees of the Mary C.B. Weiss Trust of Palm Bay Florida for $600,000.

JANUARY 19, 2018:

San Juan Community Home Trust of Friday Harbor sold a Unit 39 at SunRise in Friday Harbor to Katherine Simon of Friday Harbor for $202,335.

Stephen Bowman and Diane Martindale of San Juan Island sold 156 Otter Lane on San Juan Island to Martin and Carolyn Eberhard of Sierra Madre, California for $2,360,000.

JANUARY 18, 2018:

Frederick and Mary Carol Britt of Eastsound sold 583 Beach Haven Road on Orcas Island to Mohamad Khodaverdian and Nancy Viscosfsky and Nahid Khodaverdian for $795,000.

Leroy and Sandra Matthews of San Juan Island sold 389 Davison Head Drive on San Juan Island to Ian and Mary Anne Butcher of Seattle for $982,500.

JANUARY 16, 2018

Lazy L Recreation LLC of Bellevue sold 151 Richwood Lane of Lopez Island to Larry and Michell Pihl of Seattle for $370,000.

JANUARY 13, 2018

Lawrence and Carol Hendel of Lopez Island sold 2331 Bakerview Road on Lopez Island to Steven and Pamela Van Vleet for $1,125,000.

JANUARY 12, 2018

Louise Goffin Trustee of Louise Griffin Living Trust of Pacific Palisades California sold 42 Raven Land in Olga to Mark Gleason and Maile Sullivan of Seattle for $20,000.

The Mandorla Project of Napa California sold 748 Broken Point Road on Shaw Island to Jason Allor and Erika Johansen of Seattle for $473,200.

JANUARY 11, 2018

Albert Edward Giorgi of Lopez Island sold 146 Salmonberry Lane on Lopez Island to Albert Eward Giorgi, Trustee of the Albert E. Giorgi Living Trust of Lopez Island for $560,170.

William and Kelly Koral of Eastsound sold 178 Lovers Lane in Eastsound to Brian and Clea Peterson of Tacoma for $94,000.

Ralph and Terrel Kaplan of Eastsound sold property at Falls Drive on Orcas Island to TY Xanandu LLC of Casper Wyoming for $300,000.

JANUARY 10, 2018

Loretta Wangenheim of Friday Harbor sold 365 Hillcrest Place in Friday Harbor to Barbara French of Friday Harbor for $370,000.

Jamest and Pamela Cromer of Friday Harbor sold 495 Greenway in Friday Harbor to Walt and Judy Cornell of Friday Harbor for $385,000

Mary Lou Clark trustee of the Donald Clark and Mary L Clark trust of Camano Island sold 155 Smugglers Cove Road on Shaw Island to Stillpoint Farm LLC of Seattle for $500,000.

JANUARY 9, 2018

Steven and Debra Cutting of Friday Harbor sold 228 Brooks Lane on San Juan Island to Meng Chuan Wu of Newport Beach, California for $450,000.

Sarah Schyler of Bellingham sold 1 Eugene Lane on Waldron Island to April Hinesberger of Seattle for $200,000.

JANUARY 8, 2018

Sara Gartner of Decatur Island sold 564 Whiskey Hill Road on Lopez Island to Enrique and Orfelina Rodrigues of Lopez Island for $200,000

De Filipps Enterprises LLC of Friday Harbor sold 82 Cypress Heights Lane on San Juan Island to James Carroll and Judith Reynolds of San Juan Island for $410,000.

JANUARY 5, 2018

Norman and Rebecca Flint of Eastsound sold property on Dolphin Road on Orcas Island to Lee and Suzanne Phillips for $75,000.

Eric and Laural Johnson of Lake Stevens sold 201 Island View Road on Orcas Island to Leslie Walker of San Francisco for $1,600,000.

Ronald and Lisa Howard of San Juan Island sold 1082 Terrace Drive on San Juan Island to Theresa and Kelby Anderson of San Juan Island for $345,000.

JANUARY 4, 2018

Alan and Lizbeth Fitzberg of Bellingham sold 130 Fern RIdge Road in Eastsound to Kevin and Jennifer Berringer of Meridian Idaho for $132,000.

David Eden of Friday Harbor sold 1025 Harbor View Place in Friday Harbor to Nancy Geist of Friday Harbor for $328,000.

Sally Shaffer of Palm Beach Shores Florida sold 197 123rd Meridian Way on Shaw Island to Shaw Compound LLC of Seattle for $3,300,000.

David and Mary Elaine Grove of Friday Harbor sold 529 Kasnyku Lane on San Juan Island to Laura and Elias Massoud of Houston Texas for $770,000

Talita Wibmer of Renton sold 20 Jensen Road on Lopez Island to Cy D Fenron of Anacortes for $235,000.

Ralph Lillie of Shaw Island sold property on Blind Bay Road on Shaw Island to Ralph and Dawn Jorgenson of Mercer Island for $225,000.

CKM Orcas LLC of La Costa California sold property on Orcas Island to Hart Greer LLC of Eastsound for $104.000

JANUARY 3, 2018

William Kimes of Eastsound sold 22 Ringtail Lane on Orcas Island to Anthony and Deborah Lafratte of Dallas, Pennsylvania for $600,000.

JANUARY 2, 2018

Howard Crowell and Rebecca Hughes of Friday Harbor sold 4274 Roche Harbor Road on San Juan Island to Kevin and Wendi Montgomery of Sultan for $399,950,

DECEMBER 29, 2017:

Clear Recon Corp of Mercer Island sold 885 Bartel Road on Orcas Island to Sabine Financial Services of Eastsound for $353,909.

DECEMBER 28, 2017:

Rosalind Casad of Friday Harbor sold 1009 Park Street in Friday Harbor to Howard Crowell and Rebecca Hughes for $88,000.


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