Real Estate transactions recorded Feb. 7-Feb. 20. 2018

Inventory on San Juan Islands is the lowest it's been in a decade according to Gary Franklin, owner/broker Windermere Real Estate San Juan Island. The 58 properties for  sale on San Juan Island almost outnumber the 52 Real Estate agents. Recent real estate transactions in San Juan County include: 

FEBRUARY 20, 2018

Rodney and Alison Magner of Eastsound sold 119 Gleneden Lane on Orcas Island to Eric Raisters and Inese Bergmanis-Raisters of Mukilteo for $646,000.

Janice Joynes and her son Ian Joynes of Dade City Florida sold Lot 6, Plat of Forest Acres on San Juan Island to John and Jamie Casey, Trustees of the Casey Revocable Trust for $125,000.

Estate of Charles Ross Chernack of Burbank, California sold 992 Terrace Drive on San Juan Island to Patrick Fox of Friday Harbor for $325,000.

Island Heritage LLC of Friday Harbor sold property  on San Juan Island to FFF Properties, LLC of Seattle for $295,000.

Kurt Thorson of Eastsound sold 202 Blanchard Road on Orcas Island to Robin Freeman of Eastsound for $145,020.

FEBRUARY 16, 2018:

Doreen Blake trustee of the Doreen Blake Revocable Living Trust of Bellingham sold 1 Lone Cow Lane on Orcas Island to Caleb Klauder of Portland, Oregon for $189,000.

John and Marion Wyss of Lopez Island sold 1058 Islandale Road on Lopez Island to Jonathan Dahl of Lopez for $365,000.

Pedro Ramirez-Mena and Marcella Ramirez of Friday Harbor sold 5402 Roche Harbor Road on San Juan Island to Ali Raelyn Taylor of Seattle for $355,000.

Timothy Becker, William Becker and Roger Dubi of Seattle sold 1065 Circle Road on Orcas Island to David Frankham of Burbank, California for $1,200,000.

Alfred and Jane Castleman, trustees of Castleman trustsold 7 Decatur Highland Drive on Decatur Island to James and Tayna Weitman trustess of the Weithman living trust for $139,000.

Tammy Lombard of Eastsound sold 558 Shoreland Drive on Lopez Island to Stephen and Cindy Atkinson of Enumclaw for $592,000.


FEBRUARY 15, 2018:

Jennifer Woodbridge of Shaw Island sold 294 Honey Lane on San Juan Island to Addie Miller of Friday Harbor for $250,000.

Jennifer woodbridge of Shaw Island sold property on San Juan Island to Alice Hurd for $200,000.

Richard Fadem of Eastsound sold 320 Stonecrop Road on Orcas Island to Curtis Snyder, co-trustee of the Snyder Family Trust of Menlo Park California for $945,000.

Alden Winter, trustee of the Alden Winters revocable trust of Webster Texas sold 110 Davison Head Drive on San Juan Island to Aaron and Susan Taylor of Redmond for $410,000.

Susan McGuigan of Minneapolis, Minnesota sold 67 Man Street Unit 101 on Orcas Island to Carla and Joseph Tobens of Seattle for $155,000.

FEBRUARY 14, 2018:

Mark and Dale Prugar, trustees of Friday Harbor sold 40 Pass View Road on Decatur Island to Joseph and Komrada Bryant of Goldendale for $225,000.

Jay and Tracy Shepler of Bow sold 459 Fairway Drive  on San Juan Island to Yvonne Swanberg of Friday Harbor for $589,667.

FEBRUARY 12, 2018:

Carla Higginson sold 516/520 Tucker Avenue on San Juan Island to 816 Brigger LLC of Friday Harbor for $285,000.

Florence Howard of Olga sold 23 Olga Cemetery Road on Orcas Island to Nathan Capdeville of Eastsound for $336,500.

Westside Storage LLC of Sammamish sold 2427 West Valley Road on San Juan Island to One Stop Property Management of Anacortes for $1,450,000.

FEBRUARY 9, 2018:

John and Mary Kalbert of Friday Harbor sold 375 Spruce Street #9B in Friday Harbor to Penelope Harner of Friday Harbor for $305,000.

Dale Kowalchuk of Everett sold Lot 28 Raccoon Point Road on Orcas Island to Alda Flor A de la Cruz and Eric Foss of Seattle for $105,000.

Keary and Justin Taylor of Eastsound sold 117 Candlewood Lane in Eastsound to Kimberly and Kirisimasi Malo of Eastsound for $316,400.

FEBRUARY 7, 2018

Denis Burger and M. Elaine McCall of Portland, Oregon sold 209 Marine Drive on Blakely Island to Richard Kemp and Maxwell Inong of Stockton, California for $400,000.

Louis Casey of Bandon, Oregon sold 041 Center Road on Lopez Island to David and Barbara Thomas of Lopez Island for $132,463.


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