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Kings and Friday Harbor Marketplace apologize for grocery supply challenges

The management of Kings Market and Friday Harbor Marketplace want to sincerely apologize for the supply shortages in the stores in recent weeks. The major supplier of independent grocery stores in the Northwest, SuperValu, has been undergoing significant changes, including moving warehouses and migrating IT systems. This has resulted in some unforeseen outages of product. The grocery stores are working with SuperValu to find remedies to the issue as well as finding alternative sources of goods where possible.

Owner Verne Howard had this to say about the shortage “we have always prided ourselves in providing quality products and high levels of customer service to San Juan Islanders – no matter what it takes. We are very sorry that we haven’t been able to deliver to our high standards in recent weeks. We will make every effort to bring the stores back to full strength as soon as possible.”

Most of the major independent stores in the Northwest have been impacted by the supply problems this summer as there is only one primary supplier for the region. However, the impact is felt more acutely in the islands given the difficult problem of rescheduling delayed freight trucks on crowded summer ferries. It has taken a lot of extra hands on deck and creative thinking of employees to manage the supply fluctuations. According to Wes Corey, General Manager of Kings Market and Friday Harbor Marketplace, “it has been challenging to keep up our level of service but our employees have been fantastic – working above and beyond to keep our shelves stocked. They have really shown how much they all care about our customers this summer.” If customers have any questions about product outages or service levels, please contact a manager at Kings Market or Friday Harbor Marketplace.

Since 1929, Kings (and later Friday Harbor Marketplace) have been the San Juan Islands' source for quality food, deli, wine and fresh products. They are proud to offer the finest service and selection to our customers.

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