Real Estate Sales in the San Juan Islands Nov. 7-30

Real Estate Sales in the San Juan Islands from November 7 to 29, 2018 included two that exceeded a million dollars - one on Lopez Island and two on San Juan Island. 

The information is gathered from the Real Estate Excise Tax forms submitted to San Juan County's Treasurer's Office. The sale amount is in bold and the dollar amount in parentheses is the assessed value according to the county Assessor's office.


Charles and Kristy Herrick of Sammanish, Washington sold Lot 3 Tanglewood Ranch on San Juan Island  to Brian McCormick and Barbara Raczynska of Louisville, Colorado.


David and Elizabeth France of Sedona, Arizona sold 38-B Afterglow Drive on San Juan Island to Daryl and Vicki Boulton of Friday Harbor for $405,000 ($159,720).

Joel and Doreen Hall of Lake Forest Park, Washington sold 127 Peninsula Road on Lopez Island to Imran and Sargusingh of Bothell, Washington for $510,000 ($329,730 + $330,250).

Charles Zabilski of Evergreen, Colorado sold 401 Hilltop Way on Lopez Island to David and Tammar Paynter of Rockville, Maryland for $234,000 (S210,000).


Steve Cohan and Peggy Randall of Eastsound sold 229 Indralaya Rd on Orcas Island  to Edgar Cline Iii and Amy Cline of Castle Rock, Colorado for $829,500.

Peter Keckemet, executor, sold 523 and 525 Port Stanley Road on Lopez Island to Michael and Susan Carr of Bellevue, Washington for $1,326,000 ($336,250 + $868,110).

Larry and Virginia Johnson of Tacoma, Washington sold 270 Orcas Rd on Orcas Island to Carolyn McGlenn-Newton, trustee  of Soquel, California for $550,000 ($525,790 $114,730).


Tammy Pollard of Eastsound sold property on Marlee Lane for Orcas Island to Joseph and Afton Seagault of Eastsound for $150,000.

David Holbrooke, trustee, sold 193 Golf Course Road on San Juan Island to Paul and Elisabeth Saladino of Seattle for $1,736,600 ($1,203,580).

Norman Exton of Eastsound sold 343 Moss Hill Rd on Orcas Island  to Julian and Dallas Howell of Sandy Springs, Georgia for $425,000 ($232,350).

US Bank National Association of Coppell,  Texas sold 247 Old Growth Lane on Orcas Island to 247 Old Growth Lane LLC  of Reseda, California for $409,500 ($685,660).


Reed Keeney, trustee, of Des Moines, Washington sold 939 Sperry Road on Lopez Island to David and Colleen Killington of Lopez Island for $300,000.

Jill Blankenship of Eastsound sold 76 Sunset Ave on Orcas Island to Christopher and Joy Lanier of Redmond, Washington for $570,000 (304,900).


Craig and Erin Watson of Seattle sold 335 White Point on San Juan Island to Mark and Linda Wilson of Denver, Colorado for $1,450,000 ($851,620).

Kevin Welch and Lorraine Silver of Redondo Beach, California sold 185 Geer Lane on Orcas Island to Constance Broderick of Bremerton, Washington for $560,000 ($315,360).

Marc Islam and Julie Packard of Friday Harbor sold 531 Kellansandro Circle on San Juan Island  to Gregory and Mary-Louise Lund of Friday Harbor for $495,000 (437,190).

Charles Randall and Mary Anderson of Seattle sold 1111 Grace Lane on Waldron Island to Daniel Rouse and Carol Sudteigte of Philadelphia for $227,500 ($169,620).


Robert Zukin of Summerland, California sold 215 A street on Orcas Island to A street Properties of Eastsound for $275,000 ($468,680).

Leonie Sandercock of Vancouver, British Columbia sold 75 Forest Lane Olga on Orcas Island to Daniel and Adrianne Walker of Eastsound for $400,000 ($323,060).

Firedogs LLC of Eastsound  sold 130 Fishing Alley Rd on Orcas Island to Ted Ehrich of Eastsound for $480,000 ($252,680).


San Juan County Public Hospital District #1 sold 550 Spring Street on San Juan Island to HWV Properties of Friday Harbor for $875,000 ($668,720).

George and Anne Willis of Lopez Island sold property on Lopez Island to Kenneth and Jamie Barry of Lopez Island for $115,000 ($101,300).

Peter Drossler of Tacoma, Washington sold property on Sunrise Road on Lopez Island to John Ruf and Tonya Ruf of Seattle for $220,000 ($236,010).

Roche Starfish LLC of Bainbridge Island, Washinsgton sold 25 Cobblestone lane on San Juan Island to Ann McLean and Michael Dziubinski of Kirkland for $730,000 ($773,350).


Robert Parrish of Lopez Island sold 233 Wren Road on Lopez Island to Adam and Jamie Bird of Seattle for $365,000 (144,202).

Wayne Larson of Palm Springs sold lot 72 on Center Island to Andrew Smith of Orting, Washington for $45,000 ($26,180).

Richard and Carol Hadley of North Glenn, Colorado sold 250 Tucker Ave Unit 10 on San Juan Island to Annette Schaffer of Friday Harbor for $100,000 ($70,360).

Elizabeth Thompson of Friday Harbor sold 13 Pearl Island Rd on San Juan Island to Lynn and Lori Garber of Modesto, California for $730,000 ($804,350).


Johnathan and Tamara Wallace of Friday Harbor sold 11 Point Caution Drive on San Juan Island to Gina Borger of Friday Harbor for $595,000 ($514,340).

Karin Laurimore sold 259 Browne Street on San Juan Island to Miguel Mendoza of Friday Harbor for $399,000 ($292,190).


Tama and Bruce Jordan of Spokane sold property on Milagra Lane on Lopez Island to Jack Jessup of Camano Island, Washington for $68,000 (75,350).

Sheila Gaquin of Deer Harbor sold property on Dragonfly Drive in Olga on Orcas Island to David Billings of Seattle for $40,000 (70,990)










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