Real Estate Sales in the San Juan Islands February 1-28, 2019

Both Big Double and Little Double Islands sold in February. Little Island for $1.4 million and Big Double for $7.085 million.

FEBRUARY 4, 2019

Robert and Beverly Corwin of Seattle sold 46 Sylan Cove Road on Decatur Island to Alexander Prater and Gaea Haymaker of Lake Forest Washington for $380,000 ($332,630)

William Bechtel of Eastsound sold 177 Bartel Road on Orcas Island to Robert Roy of Eastsound for $350,000 ($206,590)

Nationstar Mortgage LLC of Coppell Texas sold 433 Tarte Road on San Juan Island to Virgil and Renee Koehne of Discovery Bay California for $549,000 ($696,350)


Steven and Tamara Andersen of Friday Harbor sold 181 Teddy Lane on San Juan Island to Robert and Terri Bulloch for $600,000

David Roseberry of Orcas Island sold property on White Beach Road on Orcas Island to Elizabeth Colman and George Schermerhorn of Orcas Island for $129,000 ($110,630)


Joseph and Kornrada Bryant of Seattle sold 40 Pass View Road on Decatur Island for Caren Evenson and Jared Silliker and Robert and Kathleen Evenson of Seattle for $238,000

Robert and Jessica Dickson of Anacortes sold 809 Sunday Drive on San Juan Island to Phoenix Welty and Jennifer Allen of Friday Harbor for $355,000

Rosemary Banks and Catherine Sweeney heirs of the Estate of William Meneray of Victoria sold 40 Sundown Lane on Lopez Island to Michael and Jennier Krajack of Lopez Island for $260,000 ($204,830)

William and Joy Surbey of San Antonio sold 625 Harrison to Rita Pampanin Trustee of RPliin trust of Occidental CA for $399,000 ($315,610)


Sarah Hayden of Orcas Island sold 678 Swan Road on Orcas Island to King Holmes and Virginia Gonales of Seattle for $108,000


Michael Griffin of Friday Harbor sold 434 Golf Course Road on San Juan Island to GCR LLC of Friday Harbor for $450,000 ($241,410)

Clark and Carolyn Sherwood of LI sold 184 Sawmill Road on Lopez Island to Catherine and John Rogers of Portland, Oregon for $650,000 ($482,900)


Double LLC of Seattle sold Little Double Island to Gates of Horn LLC of San Francisco for $1,400,000 ($1,167,640)

Double LLC off Seattle sold Big Double Island to Celeris Paribus LLC of San Francisco  for $7,085,000.

James and Kathleen Montgomery of Anacortes sold 774 Whiskey Hill on Lopez Island to James and Arika Rapson of Lopez Island for $375,000 (293,050)

West Side Highlands LLC of Friday Harbor sold Lot 9 Westside Highlands on San Juan Island to Thomas and Mary Jeannet of Vancouver, WA for $357,700 ($246,400)


Julie Bair and Michael Johnson of Lopez Island sold 108 Grayling Lane on Lopez Island to Sage Dilts and Nathan Hodges of Lopez Island for $350,000 ($408,870)


Darel Gillispie, Fred Schoen Fiduciary Services of Everett, WA sold 375 Shoreline Lane on San Juan Island to Shannon de Jong of Redmond, Washington for $600,000 ($729,070)

The Estate of Helen Kratz of Bellingham sold Lopez North Area 1 on Lopez Island  to Marlene Graves for $96,940 ($96,940)


Thomas and Patricia Frazer of the Thomas and Patricia Frazer Revocable Living Trust sold 116 Candlewood Lane on Orcas Island to Dimitri and Lorena Stankevich of Orcas Island for $436,000 ($426,790)

William and Mary Kisko of Deer Harbor sold property on Logan’s Run on Orcas Island to Natalee and John Nelson for $135,000 ($155,620)


Mark Rice and Sara Perkins sold 720 Corliss Court on San Juan Island to Darrol and Heather Weiskind of Friday Harbor for $407,500 (160,460)

Robert Steele and Mary Swift of Port Townsend sold 127 Lopez Road Unit 14 on Lopez Island to George Keeler III and Vivien Keeler of Lopez Island for $380,000 ($353,590)

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