Real Estate Transactions in the San Juan Islands: June 1-30, 2019

There were nine real estate sales of more than $1 million in the San Juan Islands in the month of June, 2019. Four on San Juan Island, two on Shaw Island, two on Orcas Island, and one on Lopez Island.

JUNE 28, 2019

Trustee Richard Strachlan of Lopez Island sold 395 Nickel Lane on Lopez Island to San Juan County Land Bank for $200,000 ($496,740)

Lorelei McDonald of Lopez Island sold 1086 Islandale Road on Lopez Island to  Randy Morin for $110,000

Dennis and Jesica Dehart of Pullman, Washington sold 95 Lydia Lane on Orcas Island to OPAL of Eastsound for $320,000 ($290,980)

Craig and Jo Ann Lovik of Friday Harbor sold 1975 West Valley Road on San Juan Island to Matthew and Andrea Ellingson of Friday Harbor for $350,000 ($274,560)

Thomas and Tamara Cowan of Lopez Island sold 337 Lopez Road on Lopez Island to James Haak and Karen Tang of Medina, Washington for $660,000. ($486,770)

Clayton and Yvonne Vollan of Seattle sold 316 Morningstar Lane on Lopez Island to Cynthia Updegrave of Lopez Island for $130,000 ($179,100)

Trevor and Kaylee Steinbrueck of Lopez Island sold 250 Limes Road on Lopez Island to William Moody of Lopez Island for $315,000 ($298,450)

JUNE 27, 2019

Michael and Christianne Erwin of Camano Island, Washington sold 107 Cramer Lane on Orcas Island to Kathleen Hodge, Terry Moran-Hodge and Patricia Moran Hodge for $429,000 ($218,090)

Jerry and Evelyn Johnson of Duvall, Washington sold 100 Center Island to Devin and Amy Casto of Cle Ellum, Washington for $60,000 ($26,950)

Gary Tabasinske of Mercer Island sold 5461 Orcas Road on Orcas Island to Learner Limbach of Eastsound for $100,000 ($316,750)

Helen King of Friday Harbor sold 244 Brooks Lane on San Juan Island to Robert Howson, Jr. of Friday Harbor for $887,500 ($841,660)

JUNE 26, 2019

ACFC Holdings LLC of Portland, Maine sold 1935 Lampard Road and 2188 San Juan Valley Road on San Juan Island to Aurora Farms LLC of Friday Harbor for $800,000.

FH Associates of Bellevue sold 500 Tucker Ave on San Juan Island to Opportunity Council of Bellingham for $1,300,000. ($845,540)

Adrienne and Terry Wiseman of Lopez Island sold 125 Limes Road on Lopez Island to Stephanie Smith of Lopez Island for $290,000 ($288,150)

Jobin Suthergreen of Eastsound sold 538 A and B Cemetery Road on Orcas Island for $550,000 ($333,620 + 232,760)

JUNE 25, 2019

Snohomish County sold 640 Hunt Street on San Juan Island  to Reyes Rodriguez and Martha Alvarado of Friday Harbor for $285,000 ($189,580)

Barbara Hagen of Eastsound sold 322 Gafford Lane on Orcas Island to Joel Marquardt and Jennifer Kraicek of Orcas for $675,000 ($667,640)

JUNE 24, 2019

John Gibbs of Deer Harbor sold 114 Channel Road on Orcas Island to trustees Christopher Robison and Kimberly Robison of Eastsound for $2,097,500. ($1,425,320)

The Russillo Family Revocable Trust sold Lot 8 North Beach Road of Orcas Island to Calvin and Magdalena Stover of Denver, Colorado for $155,000 ($194,540)

Trustees Todd Goldsmith and Diane Dear of Lopez Island sold 1838 Bakerview Road on Lopez Island to Daniel and Darlene Kellenberger of Lopez Island for $369,000 ($238,010)

JUNE 21, 2019

Kelly and William Koral of Orcas Island sold Lot 10 block 2 on North Beach Road on Orcas Island to IOLAIR Holdings of Seattle for $369,000 ($192,780)

JUNE 20, 2019

James and Lynne Farren of Spanaway, Washington sold 93 Willow Lane on Shaw Island to Elizabeth and Timothy Hance of Anacortes for $380,000.

UW Board of Regents sold 9 Decatur Highlands on Decatur Island to Peter and Tina Lenson of Kirkland for $132,000 ($135,000)

Ryan and Sarah Miller of Anacortes sold 392 Chinook Way on Center Island to Susan Alexander trustee Mount Vernon, Washington for $285,000 ($170,070)

Timothy and Amanda Slattery of Lopez Island sold 485 Hummel Lake Road on Lopez Island to Islands Marine Center Lopez Island for $193,960 ($219,260)

Jennifer Meng of Lopez Island sold Apartment 1, 2 and 3 of Hali Tiki condominiums on Lopez Island to Timothy and Amanda Slattery of Lopez Island for $193,960

William Egan Jr. of Friday Harbor sold 57 Olympia View Drive on San Juan Island to Kirt and Lisa Nilsson of Portland, Oregon for $520,000 ($377,840)

Thomas Douglas of Proctorville, Ohio sold 525 Buckhorn Road on Orcas Island to trustees Marc and Lori McNutt  of Lompac, California for $600,000 ($587,120)

Jeremy Hoyt of Troutdale, Oregon sold 102 Channel Heights Way on San Juan Island to Joshua Hoyt of Portland Oregon for $500,000 ($1,068,110)

JUNE 19, 2019

Eric Hawley and Gwen of Albion, California sold 764 Broken Point Road on Shaw Island to Frederick Alvarez and Holly Valverde of Bothell for $1,150,000 ($823,670)


Edgar and Shireene Hale of Friday Harbor sold 90 Straits View on San Juan Island to Christopher Mallon of Seattle for $535,000 ($421,800)


Quality Loan Services Corp of Seattle sold 640 Westcott Drive on San Juan Island to Rebecca Hughes and Howard Crowell of Friday Harbor for $423,000 ($495,760)

Ronald and Rose Trout of Sherwood, Oregon sold 180 Snug Harbor Drive on Lopez Island to Lee and Sheila Woodington of Lopez Island for $190,000 ($161,960)

June Vynne of Seattle, Washington sold property on Gladys Lane on San Juan Island to John Howell and Claire Powers of Seattle for $100,000 ($112,220)


FHR Associates of Anacortes sold property on Woodpecker Lane Lot 10 on San Juan Island to Camassia Professional Corp of Friday Harbor for $180,000 ($179,350)

Trustees Paul and Anna Doak  of Seattle sold 1919 Yacht Haven Road on San Juan Island  to Timothy and Joana Collins of Friday Harbor for $1,131,055 ($617,550)

NakatomiLLC of Friday Harbor sold 12 Lost Prospect Mountain on San Juan Island to Jeffery Sharp of Friday Harbor for $150,000 ($137,080)

JUNE 13, 2019

Nigel and Lind Thomson of Bellingham, Washington sold 45 Driftwood Shores on Henry Island to David Ratliff of Henry Island for $640,000

San Juan Lots LLC of Bainbridge Island, Washington sold 28 Cobblestone Lane on San Juan Island to Terry and Sheri Tyson of Anacortes, Washington for $185,000 ($140,910)

Larry Parcher and Lynn Bell of Bellingham, Washington sold property on Waldron Island to Kristen Parcher of Brush Prairie, Washington for $75,000 ($72,480)

William and Harriet Appel of Friday Harbor sold property on Waldron Island to Chinda Roach and Paul Costello of Seattle for $433,680 ($442,180)

JUNE 12, 2019

Lopez Island Arnold LLC of Volta Redonda, Brazil sold property on Swal’Lech Land on Lopez Island to Michael and Sunny Crandell of Santa Barbara, California for $200,000 ($156,990)

Trustee Robert Scott of Wenatchee, Washington sold property on Peninsula Road on Lopez Island to Matthew and Sarah Rabel of Lopez Island for $195,000 ($100,010)

Phyllis Henigson trustee sold 5780 Deer Harbor Road on Orcas Island to trustees Richard and Jennifer Wilenken of Deer Harbor for $2,151,184 ($2,174,960)

JUNE 11, 2019

Bruce and Patricia Johnson of Lopez Island sold 1040 and 1042 Pavey Blvd on Lopez Island to Adam and Hannah Gibson of Lopez Island for $355,000 ($178,510 and $111,690)

Carlos Gonzalez of Friday Harbor sold 1975 West Valley Road on San Juan Island to Craig and JoAnn Lovid for $396,000 ($550,120)

Jay Biladeau personal representative of Merri Ann Campbell estate of La Conner, Washington sold 135 Frog Hollow Lane on San Juan Island to Patrick Fox of Friday Harbor for $367,500 ($516,020)

JUNE 10, 2019

Continental Mortgage and Investment Corp of Arlington, Virginia sold 3157 Pear Point Road on San Juan Island to Blake Araki of Issaquah for $1,403,000 ($1,207,610)

Barry Ballanger of Seattle, Washington sold 19 Spruce Street on Orcas Island to Jazmin Hodge, Matthew Cicotti of Lopez Island for $325,000 ($229,790)

Sally Ashby, Laurel Ashby, Emily Ashby of Eastsound sold 382 B Dolphin Bay Road on Orcas Island to Dotlich Properties LLC of Portland, Oregon for $505,000 ($416,950)


Johnathan Cook and Jennifer Aviles of Lopez Island sold 198 Normandy Lane No. 4 on Lopez Island to Jennifer Meng of Lopez Island for $135,000 ($90,770)

Erik and Tamara Nelson of Edmonds, Washington sold 653 Cessna Ave on San Juan Island to Great Western Aviation of Mercer Island, Washington for $650,000 ($426,360)

Gary and Jill Blair of Lopez Island sold 1059 Lopez Sound Road on Lopez Island to David and Janis Harsila of Shoreline, Washington for $1,250,000 ($1,002,210)


Peter Cavanagh and Ann Vandervelde of Seattle, Washington sold property on Marina Heights on Orcas Island to Robin and Yuki Caldwell of Lynden, Washington for $268,000 ($196,530)


Lola Deane of Shaw island sold 378 Smugglers Cover Road on Shaw Island to Lillian McDonell and Carole Blakely of Burien, Washington for $1,240,000 ($1324,360)

Jessica McLellan of Oar Harbor, Washington sold property on Spyglass Hill Road on San Juan Island to Mark and Cynthia Nelson of Friday Harbor for $130,000 ($61,500)


James and Constance Kyser of Lopez Island sold 469 Whiskey Hill Road on Lopez Island to co-trustees Paul and Sherrie Brentson  of Lopez Island for $575,000 ($406,380)

Zachary and Cynthia Griffin of Los Angeles, California  sold 4289 West side Road on San Juan Island to 4289 West Side LLC of La Canada, California for $1,195,000 ($1,164,680)

Craig and Paula Jaco of San Diego sold 324 Gill Lane of San Juan Island to Chris and Milda Guidotti of Olga for $329,000 ($236,390)

Douglas and Capree Hanson of Poulsbo sold 1316 San Juan Drive on San Juan Island to Kim and Nathan Moskowitz of Bellingham, Washington for $740,000

G. Christopher and Cynthia Burke sold 70 Saltspring Drive Unit 3 on San Juan Island to Jimmie Lawson II of Friday Harbor for $110,000 ($120,080)


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