Real Estate Sales in the San Juan Islands: September 1-20 include 2 over $1 million

 Two sales of more then $1 million were finalized in September 2019 in the San Juan Islands. One was on Orcas Island, the other at Roche Harbor on San Juan Island.

The following information is gathered from the Real Estate Excise Tax forms submitted to San Juan County's Treasurer's Office. The sale amount is in bold and the dollar amount in parentheses is the assessed value according to the county Assessor's office.

SEPTEMBER  20, 2019

Trustees Ronald Ambler and Susan Ward of Eastsound sold 665 Discovery way on Orcas Island to Donald and Kathleen Mills of Seattle for $656,000 ($661,260).

Timothy Carpenter, executor of estate of Jordan Schultz of Green Valley, Arizona sold 83 Huggins Road on Lopez Island to George and Janet Yang of Lopez Island for $930,000 ($726,060).


Stuart Plotnick and Laura Shelton of Bellingham sold 372 Peninsula Road on Lopez Island to  Gregory and Laura Danforth of Lopez Island for $300,000 ($204,770)


Anita Cook Wilson of Seattle sold 120 Sylvan Cove Road on Decatur Island to David and Kristine Buck of Seattle for $110,000 ($315,720).


Kenneth and Karen Speck of Eastsound sold 241 Key Drive on Orcas Island to Kathryn Marie of Eastsound for $440,000 ($401,180).


Tammy Cotton of Friday Harbor sold 151 Straits View Drive on  San Juan Island to David and Linnea Anderson of Friday Harbor for $565,000 ($402,030).

Eric and Jacqueline of Santa Ana, California sold 1412 Fisherman Bay Road on Lopez Island to Mark Scoville of Arlington, Washington for $570,000 ($489,140).

Sharon Pigman of Friday Harbor sold 500 Rose Lane on  San Juan Island to David Gow and Heather Mueller for $410,000 ($366,520).


Donna Maloney and Judy Berg of Camano Island sold 355 Spruce Street on  San Juan Island to Kenmore Air Harbor LLC of Kenmore, WA for $281,500 ($267,180).

Ann S Palmer personal rep for The Estate of Virginia E Palmer sold 532 School Road on Lopez Island to Richard Wilkie and Veronica Becker of Lopez Island for $275,000 ($257,050).

Eric Thompson of Friday Harbor sold 524 Carter Avenue on  San Juan Island to Lance Otis of Sequim, Washington for $387,500 ($339,240).


Justcromer Company LLC of Friday Harbor sold 685 Spring Street on  San Juan Island to Atomic Ventures LLC of Friday Harbor for $385,000 ($253,510).

Carrie Feuer of Laredo, Texas sold 185 Annette Lane in Deer Harbor on Orcas Island for  $845,000 ($686,390).


Bryan Sipe of Los Angeles, California sold 3140 Buck Mountain Road on Orcas Island to Lauren Angotti of Seattle for $285,000 ($183,300).


Carla Higginson sold 560 Perry Place Unit A on San Juan Island to Pamela Stringer of Friday Harbor for $286,250 ($248,690).

Trustee Robert Rogers of Friday Harbor sold 1320 Terrace Drive on San Juan Island to Angus Killick and Juelianna Freeauf of Friday Harbor for $350,000 ($249,290).

Nora Louise Robertson of Seattle sold 617 Buckhorn Road on Orcas Island to James and Emily Lorsung of Eastsound for $359,000 (312,790).


Suite Dreams LLC of Orcas Island sold 4362 Crow Valley Road on Orcas Island to Dotlich and Elwood Too LLC of Portland, OR for $1,177,000 ($421,970).

Donald and Penelope Torkington of Friday Harbor sold 25 Avenida de Oro on San Juan Island to Bryan and Jamie Jackson of Friday Harbor for $925,000 ($1,209,280).

Teresa Molitor Luttrell of Kenmore, Washington sold 147 Biendl Road on Shaw Island to John Peinert and Wanda Coy of Johnson, Vemont for $450,000.

Trustees Jack and Sherry Bell of Friday Harbor sold 270 Boundary Point Road on San Juan Island to Alexis Tatarsky of Friday Harbor for $672,500 ($405,020)

Robert and Eileen Santonocito  of Olga sold 139 Dragonfly Drive on Olga on Orcas Island to Douglas and Caryn Sherburne of Olga for $351,250 ($182,930).


Jonathan Rodriguez-Atkatz and Nancy Atkatz of Roche Harbor sold Lot I Tarte Compound on San Juan Island to Ann-Charlotte and Kristina Chandler of Friday Harbor for $1,325,000 ($844,860)

Russell Kurth of Seattle sold 28 Wild Currant Court on Orcas Island to William and Kelly Koral of Eastsound for $375,000 ($375,000) 

Albert and Kirsten Olson of Friday Harbor sold Lot 2 Short Plat of The Lakes on San Juan Island to Kevin and Sheryl Albritton of Friday Harbor for $350,000.


Bruce McMullen of Friday Harbor sold Lot 4 Hannah Heights on  San Juan Island to Matthew and Roberta Medlin of Seattle for $1,025,714 ($904,110).

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