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Real Estate Sales in the San Juan Islands November 1-26, 2019

Real estate transactions in the San Juan Islands so far in November  2019 included eight of more than $1 million. The biggest was one on San Juan Island for $6,656,000. Of the eight, one was on Decatur Island, one on Lopez Island, two on San Juan Island and four on Orcas Island.

The following information is gathered from the Real Estate Excise Tax forms submitted to San Juan County's Treasurer's Office. The sales amount is in bold and the dollar amount in parentheses is the assessed value according to the county Assessor's office. 

NOVEMBER 26, 2019

James Hopkins and Shelley Moore of Kapaau, Hawaii sold 1158 Thatcher Pass Road on Decatur Island to Susanne Haggard and Harold Thoreen of Seattle for $1,012,500 ($678,750)

NOVEMBER 22, 2019

Phyllis Nansen, personal rep for estate of Ralph Henry Nansen sold 3726 Mud Bay Road on Lopez Island to Bud and Carol Salisbury of Lopez Island for $533,000 ($388,170)

David McPeake of Mount Vernon, Washington sold property on Glennwood Inn Road on Orcas Island to William Waites and Thomas Pullano of Anacortes for $160,000 ($147,790)

Katherine Jordan of Bellingham sold 465 Timber Lane on San Juan Island to John Burnett of Friday Harbor for $485,000 ($395,910)

NOVEMBER 21, 2019

Martin Reyes and Nysa Lane of Vallejo, California sold property on Discovery Way on Orcas Island to Dwight Guss and Marie Baxter of Eastsound for $99,000 ($94,890)

Carl Short and Melinda Martinet of Issaquah sold 1502 Palisades Drive on Orcas Island to James Bonner and Flavia Wagner of South Orange, New Jersey for $1,370,000 ($1,555,160)

Wayne and Mary Totten of Moscow, Idaho sold 283 Upper Drive San Jan Island to Underhill LLC of Friday Harbor for $431,250 ($403,340)

Richard Staley of Bonney Lake sold 60 Seacliff Trail in Olga on Orcas Island to Elizabeth and Glen Olsheim of Laguna Hills, California for $692,330 ($652,370)

NOVEMBER 19, 2019

Firedogsone LLC of Columbus, Ohio sold 157 Fern Ridge Road on Orcas Island to Matthew Wood and Eleanor Thompson of Seattle for $1,100,000 ($884,430)

Donald Staunton and Maria Sikorski of Kirkland, Washington sold 151 Stormridge Road on San Juan Island to Michael Kidwell and Tiffany Murphy of Falls Church, VA for $950,000 ($1,038,730)

William and Kate Oliver of Friday Harbor sold 215 Alaska Place on San Juan Island  to Quinn Meehan and Sarah Kiehnle of Friday Harbor for $535,000 ($588,620)

Christine Stephens of Elora, Ontario sold one third of 338 High Haro Drive to Rebecca Lyle of Graham, WA for $193,333 ($556,550)

Robert Viggers of La Conner sold one third of 338 High Haro Drive to Rebecca Lyle of Graham, WA for $193,333 ($556,550)

NOVEMBER 18, 2019

Michael Olson and Heather Olson of Roche Harbor sold Hangar Lot 38 on Stuart Island to Peter Mucklestone of Seattle for $26,000 ($16,400)

James and Patrice Sterk trustees for Sterk family sold 403 Seaview Lane on San Juan Island  to Geoffrey and Jennifer Dunbar for $869,000 ($630,600)

NOVEMBER 15, 2019

Alberg Properties LLC and Johanson Family LLC sold property on Orcas Island to State of Washington through the State Parks and Recreation Commission for $2,680,000

Carina Sullivan of Friday Harbor sold 510 Hemlock Court on San Juan Island to Jaclyn Elder of Friday Harbor for $360,000 ($391,120)

Kenneth Machtley Jr and Catherine Siegismund of Eastsound sold 4074 Crow Valley Road on Orcas Island to Todd and Lori Doyle of Eastsound for $808,400 ($547,350)

NOVEMBER 14, 2019

Sean Oldridge and Erin O’Rourke of Seattle sold 877 Lopez Road on Lopez Island to Patrick and Gretchen Cook of Edmonds, Washington for $1,014,000 ($695,420)

Henry and Barbara Snider of Friday Harbor sold 20 Captain Garthney Lane in Roche Harbor on San Juan Island to William and Marie Waddington of Rancho Cucamonga, California for $690,000 ($738,980)

Kathleen Bartholomew of Friday Harbor sold vacant land on San Juan Island to Kyle Wampler of Friday Harbor for $125,000 ($145,810)

NOVEMBER 13, 2019

Edward and Tami Ashcraft of Friday Harbor sold 815 D Spring Street Unit 1 on San Jan Island to SMRU Consulting LLC of Friday Harbor for $360,000 ($264,090)

Wendy Snook, personal representative for estate of Joan Babcock sold 686 Deer Point Road in Olga on Orcas Island to Katherine Kimball and Robert Davison of Deer Harbor for $600,000 ($780,530).

NOVEMBER 12, 2019

Michael and Lois Cornell of Camano Island, Washington sold 172 Lovers Lane #B203 on Orcas Island to William Craven and Justin Huff of Seattle for $185,000 ($134,260)

NOVEMBER 8, 2019

Virginia Gayle Moore of Eastsound sold 2882 Crow Valley Road on Orcas Island to Indrani Ghosh of Shoreline, Washington  for $545,000 ($427,450)

Harbor Homes LLC of Friday Harbor sold 740 Guard Street #9 on San Jan Island to Chad and Jennifer Swanson of Shaw Island for $294,000 ($295,910)

Kathleen Gjerde of FH sold 6792 Roche Harbor Road on San Jan Island for Shelly Dove of Friday Harbor for $380,000 ($326,640)

Christopher Robison of Tacoma sold 953 Cedar Hill Road on Orcas Island to Anders and Lori Goranson of Portland, Oregon for $898,000 ($756,270)

Gary Garland, trustee of the Captain Robert Whidbey Trust of Los Angeles, California sold 86 Halsey Road on San Jan Island to Seven Points LLC of Seattle for $6,656,000 ($3,555,510)

NOVEMBER 7, 2019

Elaine Nash of Colorado Springs, Colorado sold 550 Marble Street  on San Juan Island to Matthew and Maureen Marinkovich of Friday Harbor for $385,000 ($324,350)

Matthew and Maureen Marinkovich of Friday Harbor sold 740 Park Street on San Juan Island to Robert and Kendra Mullin of Friday Harbor for $356,700 ($343,660)

NOVEMBER 6, 2019

Jacquelyn Quigley of Friday Harbor sold 463 Terrace Drive on San Juan Island to Paul Richards and Monique Hill-Valdez of Friday Harbor for $385,000 ($363,320)

Barry Ballanger of Seattle sold property on North Beach Road on Orcas Island to Di Wang Mowrey of Orcas Island for $110,000 ($85,050)

NOVEMBER 5, 2019

Dennis Bottum and Lynn Ortenburger of Tigard, Oregon sold property on Bonnie Lane on San Juan Island to Humberto and Ma Carmen Jimenez of Friday Harbor tor $205,000 ($88,490)

Scott Spadafor of Friday Harbor sold 149 Shoreline Lane on San Juan Island to Elizabeth Spadafora of Friday Harbor for $215,000 ($179,530)

Dana Pigott of Medina, Washington sold 154 Bellevue Farm Road on San Juan Island to William and Lauren Barrett of Seattle for $675,000 ($1,379,110)

NOVEMBER 4, 2019

George and Barbara Foster sold 34 Wishbone Lane on San Juan Island to Daniel and Staci Foster of Seattle for $1,065,500 ($1,085,960)

San Juan Preservation Trust sold property on Fisherman Bay Road on Lopez Island to Daniel Stratton and Moira McDonough for $40,000 ($223,550)

Wales and Elizabeth Ledgerwood of Orcas Island sold 156 Elwah Rock Road on Orcas Island to Asbjorn Osland and Joyce Osland of San Jose, CA for $1,249,000 ($1,041,840)

NOVEMBER 1, 2019

George and Mary Lou Hestad of Lopez Island sold 349 Traines Road on Lopez Island to Eric and Camilla Chastain of Seattle for $656,978 ($753,840)

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