$100K daily fine lifted, McCleary case concluded

The McCleary lawsuit seeking full funding for education is over. Washington State Supreme Court has concluded "that the State has complied with the court's orders to fully implement its statutory program of basic education by September 1, 2018, and has purged its contempt." The ruling ends the $100,000 per day fine for contempt the Court imposed on the state legislature in 2015 after it failed to comply with a directive to provide a complete plan for fully implementing the state's program of basic education for each school year leading up to the target date for full funding: the 2018-19 school year.

The fines  - which would total $105.2 million as of June 20, 2018 - will be used toward basic education salaries ($84,020,000) and to fund an increased special education excess cost multiplier ($21,180,000).

The plaintiffs in the case "still dispute the constitutional adequacy of the funding formulas. But they acknowledge that the State has now complied with this court's orders to fully implement the State's new program of basic education by September 1,2018, and that therefore the State's appeal that led to this court's decision in McCleary may come to an end."

The plaintiffs asked that the state pay interest on top of the fines. The Court denied the request. 

The complete June 7 decision can be read online

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