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The Simple Act of Being Together

One day in early December just before Orcas schools went on winter break, our new Board President, Maia Vechey, spent an afternoon at The Funhouse making hot apple cider with the kids.

“It was a nice break between playing tag and making crafts,” said Liz Doane, Program Director, for The Funhouse. “We had kids from Orcas Christian School, Salmonberry, and the public school all here that day so it was great fun having all of our friends together!”

“It was a fun, simple way of just being together,” added Maia. “I started making the cider with kids and as we dropped cinnamon sticks into the warming cider I realized that we were just hanging out as if nothing had changed. It was so cool. We all wore masks, and chatted, while waiting patiently for the cider to be finished and then we brought it outside to share with our friends. The kids decided to try using the extra cinnamon sticks as straws which brought lots of giggles and smiles.”

“Working with children is my passion,” says Maia, “...and as a person with a compromised immune system, I’ve really missed that. The Funhouse is a place where I can safely connect with children in the community. It makes me so happy knowing that the youth of Orcas have a safe place to be where they will be seen and respected. What a treasure to have on our little island.”


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