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Photos added: Lions win the 26th Annual Knowledge Bowl in Friday Harbor

Seven teams - three from San Juan Island School District, and four from Friday Harbor service clubs competed in the 26th Annual San Juan Island Public School Foundation Knowledge Bowl March 8. Twenty questions were asked in the first round and ten more in the second round after an intermission.

Questions ranged from what county is Olympia in to who is Beyonce's husband to a difficult math question that stumped almost everyone (75 degrees is what percent of a circle). One question stumped the students but the older competitors had no problem with it:  What streets do you travel on from the Friday Harbor High School parking lot to Market Place?  Guard, Blair, Caines, Nash, Market.

Floyd Bourne, president of the San Juan Island Public School Foundation, kept the seven competing teams on their toes. Four Service Club Teams - Friday Harbor Soroptimists, Kiwanis Club, Lions Club, Rotary Club represented their organizations. The school teams were the 8th-graders from Friday Harbor Middle  School, a freshman/sophomore team from Friday Harbor High School, and the Junior and Senior team.

The scores before the final Jeopardy-style question were:

8th grade team 20 points - Andrew Rezabek, Flora Vaught, Neil Gresseth, Virginia Sierman

Freshman/Sophomore 25 pts - Luke Fincher, Lucy Martin, Sofia Duke, Islay Ross. alternate Izzy Graham

Juniors/Seniors 28 ptsAva Martin, Bryce Ridwan, Georgia Keune, Sullivan Wilkinson, alternate Cooper Shaw

Kiwanis Club 24 pts - John Madden, Ron Heeren, Beth Eden, Lisa Anderson 

Lions Club 38 pts - Bruce Martin, Bruce Galton, Kim Galton, George Johnson

Soroptimists 32 pts - Becki Day, Kathy Kane, Necia Quast, Denise Urell

Rotary Club 35 pts - Jon Cain, Adam Eltinge, Juan Unpingco, Tony Vivenzio

The question  - how many moons are there around Mercury? Before hearing the question, each team wrote down their bets, Only two teams got it wrong - Freshman/Sophomore and Soroptimists. Most of the rest of the teams bet all their points. The exception was the Kiwanis Club - winners of the 2019 Knowledge Bowl - who bet all but one point. 

The Lions Club team. 

The answer is zero moons. The Lions team won with 76 points. They carried home a new trophy and their stuffed animal mascot. 

The 8th graders won for best costume. Their theme was Year of the Tiger. 

Final Standings: 

1. Lions Club

2. Rotary Club

3. Juniors/Seniors 

4. Kiwanis

5. 8th-graders

6. Freshman/Sophomore 

7. Soroptimists




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