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Friday Harbor High School Students Shine in the National AEOP Veterans Appreciation Challenge

Students across the country recently competed in the Army Educational Outreach Program’s Veterans Appreciation Challenge.  Friday Harbor High School is proud  that two out of the ten high school finalists in this national competition are from Friday Harbor High School.  Congratulations to the finalists, Megan Mellinger and Kira Clark.

(Left) Handing Love to Veterans by Kira Clark, (right) Honor and Appreciation by Megan Mellinger

The “AEOP Veterans Appreciation Challenge,” is a collaboration between the Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP) and Future Engineers. Students from grades four through 12 across the nation showcased their ingenuity and engineering ability by crafting 3D pins to express gratitude to U.S. military veterans. This program encourages students to express their creativity and build their 3D design skills.

The top 10 finalists in each grade-level category, fourth-eighth and ninth-12th, will get their designs 3D printed, glued to pin backs, and handed out to veterans who visit the National Veterans Memorial and Museum in Columbus, Ohio for the annual Memorial Day event. You can find more information and view the winning designs at https://www.usaeop.com/blog/aeop-veterans-appreciation-challenge-announces-2024-finalists/.

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