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Coal Hard Truth Forum: Ships, Spills & Sea-Level Rise in FH Feb. 9

The Friends of the San Juans are hosting Coal Hard Truth: Ships, Spills & Sea-Level Rise forums this week on Lopez, Orcas and San Juan Islands. Panelists will discuss the health and environmental consequences of the project which would create North America's largest coal shipping terminal 10 miles northeast of San Juan County.

The  impacts of increased ship traffic through Haro and Rosario Straits will be included and  public Q and A sessions. For more information visit www.coaltrainfacts.org.

Lopez Center for Community and the Arts, 204 Village Road 6 to 8 pm Tuesday, Feb 7

Eastsound Fire Hall, 45 Lavendar Lane, Eastsound 6 to 8 pm Wednesday, Feb 8

Friday Harbor High School, 45 Blair Avenue 6 to 8 pm Thursday, Feb 9

Speaker Bios:

Dr. Frank James is currently the Health Officer for San Juan County and for the Nooksack Indian Nation, the Executive Director of HonorWorks (a foundation that promotes a healthy society through the work of artists), and on the organizing committee for Whatcom Docs, a group of local physicians that are working to bring a scientific evaluation of he health impacts of the proposed coal port and coal trains on our community. (Lopez and Orcas)

Fred Felleman completed his graduate research on killer whale feeding ecology from the UW in 1986 and has since become an environmental consultant to a variety of local and national marine conservation organizations as well as local and tribal governments. He focuses on the impacts associated with maritime activities with a specialization in oil spill prevention and response efforts, and is also involved with the impacts associated with developing port infrastructure such as the cruise ship terminals at the Port of Seattle and developments at Cherry Point.

Matt Krogh is the North Sound Baykeeper at RE Sources for Sustainable Communities in Bellingham. Krogh works to prevent pollution and encourage good stewardship in the North Sound and Straits. His graduate work focused on ecological land use planning. He has co-authored a book on integrity-based decision making.

Ginny Wolf is a retired Family Practice Physician, working with the Whatcom Docs to study the research on potential human health impacts of transporting and shipping coal through our counties to Cherry Point. She also works with a group of Skagit County citizens to educate the public about why we should be concerned for our health and local economy, should this terminal be built. (San Juan only)

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