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Bear caught, taken by ferry to the mainland

The black bear, who swam to Orcas Island during Memorial Day weekend, left the island via a ferry  June 8, 2017. The bear spent his time on the island roaming through the woods, yards and down roads. He ate from bird feeders and garbage bins. He munched 40-pounds of dog food stored on a porch and seemed to particularly enjoy BBQ drippings on the back of grills. 

Photo courtesy of Sheriff's Office.

Bacon turned out to be the most alluring food. San Juan County Undersheriff Brent Johnson said the bear was caught late Wednesday, June 7 in a trap baited with bacon and grease. The culvert trap was set up at a property off of Olga Road. He was transported Thursday, via a Washington State Ferry. 

San Juan County Sheriff Ron Krebs and the state Department of Fish and Wildlife had decided it was best to catch the bear and move him to eastern Skagit County near the Marble-Mount area. They did not want the animal or members of the public harmed. They were concerned about the bear being hit by a car or injured by a citizen acting in self-defense. 

"It was an accident waiting to happen," said San Juan County Undersheriff Brent Johnson.

It is believed the bear swam to Orcas Island from Lummi Island. 

Sheriff Krebs said during his entire stay on Orcas, the bear was not aggressive.  The bear was estimated to be approximately 5 feet tall and weighing 200-250 pounds. 

Photo taken by local biologist and wildlife photographer Rich Lee near Doe Bay Resort on Orcas Island

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