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Atlantic salmon escape fish farm

Up to 305,000 farmed atlantic salmon are loose in the Salish Sea near Cypress Island. The island is located between Blakely and Guemes Islands. More information about this accident is available on the SeattleTimes.com in the article: Solar eclipse's tides blamed for broken net, up to 305,000 Atlantic salmon dumped into water near San Juans

According to the newspaper the state Department of Fish and Wildlife is asking the public to help scoop up the fish. There is no limit on catching the Atlantic salmon. 

The article states: The department is urging recreational fishers to get as many of the Atlantic salmon as possible. A valid fishing license is needed, but the fish don’t need to be recorded on fish tickets and there are no bag limits. Buyers may also legally buy the Atlantics from commercial and tribal fishers, Warren said.

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