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Jellyfish bloom seen in West Sound

A spectacular jellyfish bloom covered West Sound Wednesday evening. Terri Mason said it looked like stars were in the sky and in the water. 

Unfortunately the blooms are indications that something has gone wrong. A 2012 article, "Jellyfish creating Oceans of Slime"  by Gaia Vince in BBC.com about the increase in jellyfish blooms includes this statement: 

"Marine ecologists are warning of worse to come, and pointing the tentacle of blame at us. Some researchers fear that human changes to the marine environment may be leading to a tipping point in which jellyfish will rule the oceans, much as they did hundreds of millions of years ago in pre-Cambrian times. In 2009, Australian marine scientist Anthony Richardson and his colleagues published a research paper entitled The jellyfish joyride, in which they warn that if we do not act to curb current blooms, we will experience runaway populations that will cause open oceanic ecosystems to flip from ones dominated by fish biodiversity to ones dominated by jellyfish."

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