Weekly art and science program at Lime Kiln Point State Park begins July 10

Join Ranger Halpern at Lime Kiln Point State Park on San Juan Island for a fun and informative Art and Science in the Park adventure. From 2 to 4 p.m. every Tuesday beginning July 10 Halpern will lead a conversation and related art project exploring our local eco-systems and the creatures we share them with.

The emphasis will be on hands-on fun for children of all ages (yes,that includes parents, grandparents and others who like to learn the kids way). Ranger Halpern was a professional cartoonist for 25 years before becoming a Ranger and he has taught as a guest artist in the San Juan schools. Meet in front of the Lime Kiln Interpretive Center. Groups may be limited to 12-15 depending on the topic. Here are a few examples of the adventures we’ll have. It is estimated that there are up to 1 million spiders per acre of land on earth. Join us at Lime Point State Park to learn about our arachnid neighbors and build a HUGE spider web out of sticks and twine.

Learn how to make a compass using a needle and a cork . . . or make one by just sticking a twig in the ground. Then use your compass to explore the park. Why is some wood easy to split for firewood and some almost IMPOSSIBLE? We’ll look at sections of different types of wood and learn about wood grain, growth patterns and the importance of bark. You can even try splitting different types of wood.

How do you make a map? Sounds easy, but did you know that maps made by early explorers drew Turn Island as part of San Juan Island. Learn the basics of cartography, make a map of part of our park and then use Ranger Halpern’s map to locate a hidden treasure.

Why do fish have scales? And why do so many fish have white bellies but are dark on top? We’ll talk about fish and then we’ll paint fish cutouts that will be installed in our ‘Fish Tank’ outhouse on Stuart Island.

The largest eagles’ next ever found is about nine feet across. Join the fun in making a replica of that nest on a bluff in the park. Take your picture sitting in the next when we’re done building it.

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