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Response from Sound Defense Alliance to Navy's addition of 36 Growlers

PRESS RELEASE: In an unprecedented move and over the objections of thousands of citizens and local, state and federal officials, the Navy formalized its decision to add 36 EA-18G “Growlers” to Naval Air Station Whidbey Island and to quadruple flight operations at Outlying Field Coupeville. Their flights begin March 18 with incremental increases.

In response, the Sound Defense Alliance has organized five events throughout Northwestern Washington to inform and engage the public. The public is invited to events in the following locations in Forks, Port Angeles, Port Townsend, Lopez and Anacortes. A Whidbey Island event is planned for April.

March 19, Public Library: Forks, 6-8pm

March 20, Public Library: Port Angeles, 6-8pm

March 21, Maritime Center: Port Townsend, 6-8pm

April 8 – Quiet Skies & SDA event, Lopez Island, 6-8pm

April 18, Anacortes Senior Center, 6:30 to 8:30pm, Plane Truth movie with filmmaker, Melissa Young.

Maryon Attwood, Chair of the Sound Defense Alliance said, “In the past the Navy has been a good partner, but they are not listening. We have been good host communities for our military but we will not become collateral damage to an expansion directed from Washington D.C.”

Requests to reduce, mitigate, or even monitor noise have all been roundly rejected by the Navy who have ignored concerns from the Environmental Protection Agency, the Washington State Board of Health, the Washington State Historic Preservation Officer, the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, Congressman Rick Larsen, Senator Maria Cantwell, and Governor Jay Inslee.

The Sound Defense Alliance is committed to continuing to work with elected officials and people across the state and nation to get the Navy to listen and to achieve an outcome that is balanced. This unfortunate expansion in Northwest Washington is balanced in one direction only — the military’s direction.

Although SDA reached out to Navy decision-makers, they steadfastly rejected any discussions, even walking away from negotiations regarding the region’s historic properties.

The Sound Defense Alliance is a new regional voice working to balance the conversation between military needs and civilian interests in our state. For more about the No New Jets. No New Flights campaign and SDA, go to: sounddefensealliance.org, https://facebook.com/SoundDefenseAlliance.



  • Nick Tuesday, 19 March 2019 08:36 Comment Link Report

    If the base was there before you moved in then sit down and be quiet. It’s the sound of freedom.

  • J. Ferro Tuesday, 19 March 2019 06:44 Comment Link Report

    This increase in defense is mostly likely to response to Putin's announcement of the US sites targeted for Russian nuclear missiles. The radio control of our submarines, world wide is at Jim Creek, due east of the base

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