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June 22: Volunteers needed for IOSA work party; registration required

Volunteers needed for IOSA Work Party from 10 am to 4 p.m. Wednesday June 22, 2022 in Friday Harbor.  (lunch will be provided).

Help get the IOSA workshop up and running. We're looking for 10 or so volunteers who are interested in coming to help get the IOSA workshop (in Friday Harbor) looking sharp, organized, and ready for action. 

Anyone interested should complete this registration form in advance that will help us to ensure we have the right number of people on hand- and once you're registered we'll contact you directly to confirm details and need by the end of this week.

There's a lot to do, including:

-Yard work: weed whacking, brush cutting, tidying of the grounds

-Vehicle staging: moving and organizing trailers

-General sorting and cleaning: going through boxes, evaluating usefulness of supplies and equipment

-Building shelving

-Organizing tools and workspace, hanging peg board, mounting vise to workbench

-Finishing assembly of drill press, shop vac, etc.

-Small engine assessment: testing generator, pressure washer, etc.

There's work for those who are skilled and those who are enthusiastic (and those who are both!). This is a fun opportunity for those who like to organize and build to whip the current chaos into delightfully organized structure. Will require some flexibility, patience, a bit of hard work, and some clothes you don't mind getting dirty.


If you have any questions at all, my contact info is below. Thank you so much.


Paul Hamdorf

Interim Executive Director



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