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This denial by DNR is the only rational response to the Honeywell's irrational dock dreams in terms of the public trust doctrine, the dangerous and ecologically sensitive location and what remains of common sense.

The earlier decisions by SJ County planning were the real travesty in this episode of "if you have enough money and unending hubris you can over-ride the public interest in San Juan County" in protecting what is left of our highly impacted public commons. That should be clear from the strongly worded HEX decision that an EIS is required and now that the proposal is contrary to all public interests.

However, I agree that the additional DNR concerns stated about a couple extra vessels entering and exiting False Bay having a potential deleterious effect on our starving and poisoned SRKW pods that may happen to be around, is a ludicrous stretch and unnecessary to support the solid main arguments. Ditto with earlier individual arguments that the dock would ruin their personal recreational experience.