Another orca calf in J pod

Killer whales J19 and J41 were spotted swimming protectively beside a new orca calf this week. The estimated one-week-old killer whale, J51, is presumed to be the offspring of 36-year-old J19.

10-year-old J41 is the daughter of J19. According to the Center for Whale Research J51 appears to be healthy.

Also seen was J50, the calf born in December 2014. With the birth of J51, the pods population is 26.

J pod is one of the three pods that make up the federally endangered Southern Resident Killer Whale population. K pod numbers 19, L pod 34.


J41, J19 swimming with new calf J51 in the strait of Juan de Fuca. Photo by Dave Ellifrit of the Center for Whale Research. 

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