Watch Steller Sea Lions save one of their own

A Bigg's killer whale hunting a Steller Sea Lions in the Salish Sea was thwarted when more than twenty sea lions came to its defense and helped the sea lion escape. 

Western Prince Whale Watching shared video of the rescue with the rest of the Pacific Whale Watch Association. The rescue takes place at about 2:54 in the video shot off the coast of Spieden Island last week.  (Video Credit: Western Prince Whale Watching and Pacific Whale Watch Association).

PWWA continues to report lots of Bigg’s Orca sightings this week. This thriving population feeds on marine animals, and as such are not dependent on the dwindling salmon populations.

Interestingly, the T2C family also comes to the aid of one of their family members: T2C2 (Tumbo). Tumbo suffers from scoliosis and is slower than the rest of his family. When they make a kill they often wait for him to catch up and share their meal with him.

More information can be found in this blog post: and here on Facebook:


Video Credit: Western Prince Whale Watching and Pacific Whale Watch Association


  • Malcolm J. Brenner
    Malcolm J. Brenner Thursday, 22 March 2018 02:56 Comment Link

    The group action by sea lions to rescue one of their own was an unexpected show of cooperation. It makes me wonder what is going on in their minds to trigger such behavior. The threat to each individual is reduced by acting as a group, but how did the sea lions arrive at this strategy? I doubt it's "instinctual."

  • Salish siren
    Salish siren Wednesday, 21 March 2018 22:46 Comment Link

    Bad day for the orcas and salmon....state should issue permits for sea lion tags...shoot them from helicopters just like they used to do for wolves


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