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Transient orcas kill another's calf

A deadly encounter of two transient whales - a mother and son - and another killer whale's calf resulted in the death of the neonate. Scientists documented the infanticde off the coast of Vancouver Island, B.C. in December 2016.

Video posted on LiveScience.com Photo credit Scientific Reports/ OrcaLab 

"It was realized that the neonate T046B5 was not surfacing next to its mother T046B or in the vicinity and then T068A swam close past the research boat and the fluke of the neonate could be seen in his mouth with the body intact trailing underneath his lower jaw. Movements of all whales were erratic but the neonate’s mother T046B appeared to be chasing the male T068A while his mother, T068 attempted to manoeuvre between them," according to the scientists' report  Infanticide in a mammal-eating killer whale population published in nature.com. 

LiveScience.com reports on the encounter in an article by Brandon Specktor Whale Murder Was Sexually Motivated, Whale Detectives Say.


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