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I completely agree with this statement. WW boats are NOT the problem, and to put the "blame" on them is merely a scapegoat, and it will only open the door for private boaters to scalp the public and chase down the SRKWs, without any educational value, or self-regulation.
The PWWA has always been proactive in the many years that I have been involved in orca advocacy. They were one of the only organizations I have ever known that even before the ESA and Whale Wise guidelines were produced, they regulated themselves for the welfare of the SRKWs.
I am disappointed in the Task Force for not really addressing the REAL problem- which should be much more emphasis on replenishing the salmon population, and reducing toxins in the waters- i.e. storm run-off, and the threat of oil spills.
The day I attended the Task Force meeting, I was frankly appalled that the members were more interested in talking, instead of listening. I personally became disillusioned by the whole thing.

I support the PWWA and all of the work that it does- especially its commitment to education and conservation.