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$12 billion transportation package includes funding mechanism

Governor Jay Inslee proposes a carbon tax on the worst polluters rather than a 12 cent a gallon gas tax increase on everyone as the way to fund $12 billion in transportation projects.

With echos of Obama's speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention and Reagan's exhortation at the Berlin Wall, Inslee asks Washingtonians to rethink their approach to transportation funding. 

"Now imagine a transportation system that truly works as a system. One that transcends our old divides and rivalries — no more east versus west, urban versus rural or roads versus transit. One that recognizes there are no Republican bridges, no Democratic ferries, no conservative highways and no liberal trains. One that tears down the Cascade Curtain and unites our state as one Washington."

The plan includes $600 million in capital funds for ferry terminals and vessels; $311 million for reliability and reform in ferry operations; $25 million for county roads. 

The report can be read online. 

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