WSF slows down and saves $491K in fuel costs Featured

Washington State Ferries saved 234,000 gallons of fuel and $491,000 by reducing speed by one knot over a five-month period this year. According to WSF, Reducing our speed by just one knot resulted in a 3 percent fuel consumption reduction and a decrease in carbon dioxide emissions.

Chelan slowed to 11 knots while crossing the Haro Strait this summer to reduce vessel noise and its impact on orca whales.  WSF photo

Vessel masters and chief engineers won the Environmental Director’s Award for their “extraordinary efforts to reduce fuel use and noise” in support of the governor’s greenhouse gas and orca protection initiatives. 

During the summer, the Sidney, BC vessel Chelan slowed down in Haro Strait to lower its ambient sound in a critical feeding ground for southern resident killer whales. 

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