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Washington State Ferries is exploring partnerships for Anacortes terminal improvements. WSF is partnering with the Port and City of Anacortes to explore innovative public-private partnerships to enhance the terminal site through commercial ventures such as retail operations, lodging and food service. If you'd like to share your ideas and input, use the online survey through Aug. 30.



  • Laura McKee
    Laura McKee Friday, 23 August 2019 10:23 Comment Link

    My simple statement about improving the Anacortes terminal is this. We don't need to improve the terminal unless it is another ferry slip and more ferries. If we have more ferries we can move people quickly and efficiently enough that there would be not much time to see and do anything at the terminal itself. I don't want to see billions spent on a terminal when what we simply need is more ferries, and more reliable ferries. It absolutely defeats the purpose of traveling to and from the San Juan islands if we cannot travel because too few boats are here to serve our needs. So no, please do not spend millions on a terminal instead of new ferries, as a resident it is difficult enough to get reservations to leave my home for necessary travel.

  • Chris Crane
    Chris Crane Friday, 23 August 2019 07:23 Comment Link

    -Food trucks
    -Coffee/Ice cream shop
    -Open air market similar to the Tsawwassen Ferry market in Vancouver, BC
    -Connecting trail to the channel trail and to WA Park for easy local access

  • Sharlene Burt
    Sharlene Burt Thursday, 22 August 2019 19:10 Comment Link

    Stop people from crossing in front of cars unloading from the ferry.


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