Updates from WSF - Sounding whistles, new procedure with credit cards, first in series about workers Featured

Amy Scarton Assistant Secretary, WSDOT/Ferries Division wrote about supporting the front line workers, enabling riders to self-swipe credit cards, featured employees. 

At 8 p.m., every evening all Washington State ferries underway sound their whistles with three long blasts. This is WSF's way  to join the worldwide movement to make a joyful noise in appreciation of workers on the front line of the COVID-19 response.  This means essential workers throughout the region including first responders, healthcare workers, WSF crews and staff, and many more that are working tirelessly in these concerning times. This will continue through the end of April.  

Innovations allow customers to self-swipe credit cards

Thanks to the innovative spirit of IT Revenue Manager Roger Hair, as well as the diligent work of WSF's IT team, we now have a safer way for our ticket sellers and customers to complete transactions. In just 24 hours last weekend, our IT team assembled, tested and installed new credit card readers on the outside of ticket booth windows and on selfie sticks for our tollbooth operators so customers can now self-swipe.

Terminal Attendant Nicholas Chastain at Coupeville terminal with our new self-swipe credit card reader attached to a selfie stick. 

Please join me in thanking our IT team for their hard work in supporting our frontline employees in these challenging times.

Recognizing our frontline employees

To help recognize the hard work and dedication of WSDOT’s frontline heroes, the agency began highlighting employees this week who support our transportation system. On Monday, Terminal Attendant Bob Essex was the first WSDOT worker to be featured on Facebook, Twitter  and Instagram.

 Terminal Attendant Bob Essex says it has taken some getting used to wearing gloves all the time and that he misses seeing all the regular commuters.

Cleaning procedures for vessels and terminals

All common-touch areas on our ferries and terminals are being routinely cleaned, and workers are reminded to practice good hygiene. These are high-touch public spaces, and it’s important for our customers to also do their part to protect themselves and others by practicing good hygiene and reconsider traveling if they are sick. We have more COVID-19 travel information and updates on our website.


  • Roy Paton
    Roy Paton Saturday, 11 April 2020 10:42 Comment Link

    Very good for your employees and users. What about the flood of OFF ISLANDERS, who are visiting the San Juan Islands, over the Easter break?

    I was at Orcas Landing yesterday, the full ferry arrived, when the majority of cars were from the mainland, far and wide, with around 2-4 young people, carrying bicycles and canoes sometimes!

    Islanders are told stay home, if you do go to the mainland, self quaranteen on your return! Visitors make a mockery of this and SHOULD BE BANNED!

  • Kathy Cope
    Kathy Cope Thursday, 09 April 2020 17:19 Comment Link

    THANK YOU for all you do.
    I won't ride for awhile, but appreciate you keeping the option available in an emergency!


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