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Lopez ferry terminal damaged but still useable

A hard landing by the Yakima at Lopez Island Ferry Terminal before Christmas apparently damaged a "floating dolphin" and a wingwall according to Washington State Ferries. The heavy winds in the recent storms most likely contributed to the hard landing. 

Kate Minter snapped this photo of the damaged dolphin on December 29.

WSF sent a team to investigate and repair the damage on Wednesday, December 29, 2021. The terminal is still in use at this time. 

This WSDOT graphic, while not showing Lopez Island Terminal, gives people an idea of where wingwalls and dolphins are. Lopez Island's terminal has  WSF's only floating wingwall. 

WSF is expected to announce how the repairs will be made and if service disruptions will be necessary. The dolphins and wingwalls help guide the ferries to the dock, but the ferries can be operated safely without them according to WSF staff. 

The list of scheduled maintenance projects of terminal facilities includes repairs to both the Friday Harbor dolphin and Lopez floating dolphin.

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