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A house on Roche Harbor Road on San Juan Island  was completely destroyed in a fire Tuesday, February 26, 2019. San Juan Island Fire and Rescue responded to the fire with 20 personnel, four engines, two tenders and one rescue truck.  Additional assistance was provided on the scene by the department’s logistics team, along with San Juan Island EMS and the San Juan County Sheriff’s Department.

According to the fire department, an unattended fire - either a fireplace or woodburning stove - was the source of the blaze.

Firefighters battling blaze Tuesday evening. Photo courtesy of San Juan Island Fire and Rescue Dept. 

The residents weren't home. No one was injured. The family's cat was missing but the dog that was outside and chickens located outdoors were unharmed.  

This was the second of two house fires, SJIF&R responded to on Tuesday. The first at 5:40 a.m. was on Cessna Avenue in the Roche Harbor area.  The residents and their pets were able to quickly evacuate the home. The rapid response by firefighters helped limit the spread of the fire. There was significant damage to one room.

San Juan Island Fire Chief Norvin Collins said, “Yesterday was a rare and sad day on San Juan Island as there were two separate house fires within 12 hours of each other. While one home was destroyed and the other suffered damage, all residents were safe and no one was injured in either fire. “We are grateful to our partners at San Juan County Sheriff and San Juan EMS for their assistance, and always for the support of our community.” 

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