Missy Arata and Brooke Sevier San Juan Island FD Firefighters of the Month for July and August Featured

The San Juan Island Fire and Rescue Department is proud to announce the July and August 2019 Firefighters of the Month.

 Firefighter Missy Arata

Firefighter Missy Arata was selected as July Firefighter of the Month. Arata was selected for her outstanding contribution of time in preparing wildland fire equipment and ensuring readiness for the summer wildland season.she has always been eager to help and ready to work. Arata has plenty of firefighting experience which she humbly shares. Her contribution of time and experience has been a great asset to San Juan Island Fire and Rescue.

Firefighter Brooke Sevier

Our August Firefighter of the Month is long time volunteer Brooke Sevier. He is a very active member and performs multiple roles for the department including being a firefighter, driver, marine officer and fire boat operator. Sevier is a very consistent, active and supportive firefighter serving our community. He doesn’t look for recognition andSevier does things just because they need to be done and because, as he says, “It’s just the right thing to do.”

The Fire Commissioners and Chief Collins are grateful for all Missy Arata and Brooke Sevier do for our community and for San Juan Island Fire and Rescue. We congratulate Missy and Brooke for their dedication and for their volunteer service.


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