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Register now for Wildland Fire Fighter Class with San Juan Island Fire Dept.

San Juan Island Fire & Rescue will conduct a Wildland Fire Fighter class this spring. The class will consist of independent online instruction (self-paced with a firm completion deadline) followed by an in-person instruction session and training burn June 10 and 11.

After successful completion of the class and subsequent completion of a physical fitness test, members will be able to respond with San Juan Island Fire & Rescue in protecting the community from wildfires.

Application forms are available on the SJIF&R website.

If you are interested, please complete a volunteer application form and submit via email or in-person to:

In-person: San Juan Island Fire & Rescue | 1011 Mullis Street

Email: kkuetzing@sjifire.org

Applications must be received by the close of business Wednesday, May 17.

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