Curious about EMS response times?

The usual answer to how San Juan Island EMS is doing regarding response times is "We are well within standards." San Juan County Public Hospital District (PHD)#1 Commissioner Dr. Warren Appleton asked for more details. The answers show that SJI EMS is indeed well within the standards, The details provide information that will help people realistically estimate how long they will wait for aid after they call 9-1-1.

The standards are broken down into:

Urban Areas: An incorporated area over 30,000; or an incorporated or unincorporated area of at least 10,000 people and population density over 2,000 people. There is area in the San Juan Islands that meets the urban definition. 

Suburban Areas: An incorporated or unincorporated area with a population of 10,000 to 29,999 or any area with a population density of between 1,000 and 2,000 people per square mile. The Town of Friday Harbor fits this definition. 

Rural Areas: An incorporated or unincorporated area with a total population of less than 10,000 people or  with a population density of less than  1,000 people per square mile. The unincorporated part of San Juan Island fits this definition. 

Wilderness Area: Any rural area not readily accessible by public or private maintained road. The outer islands in the PHD fit this criteria. Two outer island calls were made in June. 

In June 2018, SJI EMS responded to 111 calls. 

The standards for response time for Suburban calls is that 80 percent of the time the response time is 20 minutes or less. For Rural Areas the standard is  45 minutes or less  80 percent of the time. 

Response time starts when the call is dispatched and ends when the medic's or ambulance's wheels stop at the scene.

In June, 2018 the average response time to calls within the Town of Friday Harbor was 0:08:32 for the medic and 0:09:52 for the ambulance. 

The average response time in the Rural Area was 0:18:32 for the medic and 0:19:59 for the ambulance.

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  • Sheila Harley
    Sheila Harley Sunday, 29 July 2018 07:32 Comment Link

    I am wondering if these figures include the numerous times weekly the ambulances respond to Island Air / helipad and the like to pick up their crew to transport them to and from PIIMC?


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