PHD to hold special meeting Nov. 12 in Friday Harbor

San Juan County Public Hospital District #1 will  hold a special meeting at 12 noon Tuesday, November 12 at the Frank Wilson EMS building  on  Spring Street in Friday Harbor. The agenda is short:


Agenda Approval

Audience Participation

Discuss/Act on Interlocal Agreement between San Juan Island EMS and San Juan Island Fire and Rescue


In  order for the interlocal agreement, which gives administrative control of SJEMS to SJIF&R, both the PHD and the Fire Commission must sign it. Three PHD commissioners - Mark Schwinge, Michael Edwards, and Rebecca Smith -- have been adamantly pursuing the approval of the ILA before their terms expire. The move has been opposed by Commissioners Warren Appleton and Anna Lisa Lindstrum, the Citizen Advisory Group, the newly elected PHD commissioners, members of the public.

Fire Commissioner Bob Jarman has informed everyone involved that his board will not approve an ILA unless the PHD commission - including the four newly elected commissioners - unanimously approve it. 

The special meeting was scheduled after Jarman's letter was received by the PHD board. 


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  • Francis Smith
    Francis Smith Tuesday, 12 November 2019 09:27 Comment Link

    What's the rush? There hasn't been a rush. The first responders of San Juan Island EMS, both staff and citizen volunteers, have managed to competently perform the exacting, emotionally exhausting and sometime dangerous job of responding to medical and trauma 911 calls for the past several years (years, not weeks or months) in an environment of political chaos. A medical program director left the unit, three chiefs have been installed and have been forced to spend their time dealing with political issues with two deeply divided Hospital Boards and a flock of naysayers. No one has complained about the field performance of the first responders - the infighting appears to be purely political in nature. The unit finally has a chance to be combined with Fire District 3, under a Board who's sole job is to oversee a first responders organization. Now a new hospital board is about to be sworn in with new members who, with virtually no experience with first responder organizations, wish to undo the hard work that has been performed to date and leave the responders to carry on in a continuing swirl of confusion while the new board learns Roberts Rules of Order. How long can the responders keep up their good work under these conditions?


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