$54K raised for PHD campaigns

Campaign contributions for the race for the three open seats on the Public Hospital District (PHD) Commission total $54,542. Jenny Ledford leads the pack with $24,010. William Hancock has $14, 825. Monica Harrington has $6,035; Michele Loftus has $4,372 and Bill Williams has $1,105.

The figures are posted on the state Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) website as of October 25, 2015. Barbara Sharp opted to use the mini-reporting option as her campaign will spend less than $5,000.

Both Ledford and Hancock have in-kind contributions listed for services from Wilson Strategic, a public relations firm in Lynnwood. This is the same firm used by PeaceHealth. Four people donated a total of $19,000 for Ledford for the services from Wilson Strategic. Six people donated $12,500 to pay for the firm's services for Hancock. (See charts at end of this article).

Ten people gave between $100 to $1,000 contributions to Ledford's campaign bringing her total including the in-kind donations to $24,010.

Four people donated between $100 to $1,000 each to Hancock. With the in-kind contributions, his total is $14,825. 

Loftus received donations from 18 people ranging from $25 to $600. She had in-kind contributions of $982 for a total of $4,372.

Harrington has $6,035 in her campaign chest.

Bill Williams received donations from nine people ranging from $20 to $100. With $600 of his own funds, his total equals $1,105.  

The Committee to elect Barbara, Bill and Monica raised $4,195 with donations from 71 people. The donations ranged from $5 to $250 each. 

The Hospital Commission has regular board meetings once a month. Each board member is paid $100 per meeting with an additional $100 for executive sessions. 


(Above) In-kind contributions to Jenny Ledford's campaign for services from Wilson Strategic.


In-kind contributions to William Hancock's campaign for services from Wilson Strategic.


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