Updated vote count: Ramel in 2nd place in 40th District race by 14 votes; Franco third in 2nd District race by 31 votes

Alex Ramel gained another 402 votes, after more than 2,000 additional ballots were counted on Wednesday, August 8, 2018 in San Juan County. Updated totals on the Secretary of State's website show him in second place in the Top Two Primary Election for state Representative for the 40th District. The incumbent Kris Lytton chose not to run for re-election after 10 years in the state legislature. She had accomplished her major goals. 

Gary Franco of Lopez Island is in third place in the Top Two Primary Election for the 2nd District U.S. Congressional seat currently held by Rick Larsen. Franco is behind Collin Richard Carlson by 31 votes. Carlson has 10,043 to Franco's 10,012. Larsen has 86,276. 

As of August 10, the district totals for the 40th District Race are (the county totals are shown in parantheses) :

Debra Lekanoff: 9,727  (2,571)

Alex Ramel: 6,606 (1,271)

Rud Browne 6,592 (695)

​Michael Petrish: 6,320 (938)

Daniel Miller of Friday Harbor: 1,989 (500)

Tom Pasma: 1,935 (285)


The results for the 2nd District race are: (county results are in parentheses):

Rick Larsen: 86,276 (4,317)

Collin Richard Carlson: 10,043 (496)

Gary Franco of Lopez Island: 10,012 (544)

Uncle Mover: 9,648 (255)

Stonewall Jackson Bird: 5,665 (397)

Brian Luke: 9,952 (323) 


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