Levy lid lifts, Charter Amendment, Shaw Park and Rec District, and more on Nov. 5 ballot

The San Juan County Voter Guide to the Local race in the 2019 General Election is available online. Countywider voters are being asked to approve a county levy lid lift. This replaces one that is expiring. They are also asked to approve a charter amendment which would switch the county to a biennium budget rather than an annual budget. 

Lopez Island voters will vote on a levy lid lift for the Lopez Library District and a continuation of the levy for the Lopez Solid Waste District. 

While there are dozen of local races on the ballot, most candidates are running unopposed.  Orcas Island, however, has four contested races for Port Commissioner, one for the School Board and one for the Eastsound Sewer and Water District. 

Ballots will be mailed out on October 15, 2019.

San Juan County Proposition No. 1 Charter Amendment

The San Juan County Council adopted Ordinance No. 8-2019 regarding a charter amendment for biennial budgeting. This proposition would modify the county charter in Article 7 to authorize the use of biennial (2 year) budgets with a mid-biennium review using a procedures established for that purpose by state law and the State Auditor.

San Juan County Proposition No. 2 Regular Property Tax Levy Lid Lift

The San Juan County Council adopted Resolution No. 26-2019 concerning the continuation of a levy lid lift. This proposition would provide stability for twelve county services, subject to exceptions based upon fi scal health or changes in grants, by cancelling the existing levy lid lift for 2020 and replacing it in the amount of 22 cents (for a total levy rate of 85 cents) per $1,000 assessed value; in subsequent years, the levy rate may increase based upon the 2020 amount subject to limit factors in RCW 84.55.

Lopez Island Library District Proposition No. 1 Levy Lid Lift

The Board of Trustees of the Lopez Island Library District adopted Resolution No. 02 - 2019 concerning an increase to the District’s regular property tax levy. This proposition would authorize the District to increase its current levy from $0.39 to $0.48 per $1,000 of assessed value upon all the taxable property within the district for collection beginning in tax year 2020, and allows an increase in the amount of the levy each year thereafter, as authorized by Chapter 84.55 RCW, for normal operation and maintenance of the library.

Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District Proposition No. 1 Excess Property Tax Levy

The Governing Body of the Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District adopted Resolution No. 25- 2019 concerning an excess levy for the district. This proposition would authorize the district to generate $105,000 by continuing a levy of excess taxes upon all taxable property within the district in an amount estimated to be $0.10131 per $1,000 assessed valuation for collection in one year -- 2020 -- for the purpose of funding operations and capital improvements of the district.  

Shaw Island Park and Recreation District Proposition No. 1 Formation of Shaw Island Park and Recreation District

The San Juan County Council adopted Resolution No.4-2019 regarding the formation of the Shaw Island Park and Recreation District. If approved, a park and recreation district would be formed pursuant to RCW 36.69.010 et. seq. with a boundary of all of Shaw, Canoe and Blind Islands with the objective of providing leisure time activities and facilities and recreational facilities of a nonprofi t nature, to be governed by five commissioners elected from the district.

Contested local races

Orcas Is School Dist #137 – Dir 5

Lili Hein

Greg White

Port of Orcas – Comm 1

Clyde A. Duke

Pierrette Guimond

Port of Orcas – Comm 2

Michael D. Triplett

Poke Haffner

Port of Orcas – Comm 3

Bea vonTobel

Gary M. Abood

Port of Orcas – Comm 5

Greg Ayers

Mia Kartiganer

Eastsound Sewer & Water Dist – Comm 1

Terrence Mullan

Edwin Sutton 

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