UPDATE: Election results so far: Levy Lid Lift ahead by 10 votes

UPDATE: The latest ballot totals for San Juan County show there are still 4,000 ballots left to count. With 5,001 ballots counted as of 5 p.m. Wednesday, the day after the election, the levy lid lift property tax for the county is ahead by 10 votes.It had been trailling by 38 votes on Election Day. 

As of Wednesday's count, there were 2,355 yes votes and 2,345 no votes for the measure which replaces the 16 cent current levy  lid lift with a 22 cent one per thousand dollars of assessed value. Tuesday's count numbers were 2.068 yes to 2,105 no. 

The election results are posted on the San Juan County website: http://results.vote.wa.gov/results/20191105/sanjuan/.

There are 13,719 registered voters in San Juan County. 4,451 votes were counted as of 8 p.m. on Election Day, November 5.. There are still approximately 4,000 more to count. The next vote count will be released at 5  p.m. Thursday, November 7. With so many votes left to count, most of the races appear  to be too close to call. 

 The 22 cent per thousand dollars of assessed value levy lid lift was failing by 38 votes in the original total. 2,068 votes yes, 2,106 voted no.

On Shaw Island voters rejected the formation of a parks and recreation district and also the funding for one. 

 On Lopez Island 563 voted in  favor of the Levy LId Lift for the Library. The no votes totaled 254.New numbers 564 to 255.

The Lopez Solid Waste Disposailed through 654 to 165. New numbers 655 to 166.

The race for Port of Orcas Commissioner positions 1 and 5 are tight. Clyde Duke is leading Pierrette Guimond 673 to 640 for position 1. Duke picked up two votes and Guimond picked up five votes in Wednesday's count.

Position 5 has Mia Kartiganer leading Greg Ayers 673 to 638. Kartiganer picked up six votes in Wednesday's count. 

For Position 2 Michael Triplett leads Poke Haffner 784 to 515. New totals 787 to 518

Bea von Tobel leads Gary Abood 848 to 415 for Position 3. New totals 854 to 415.

Eastsound Sewer and Water District has Terrence Mullan leading Edwin Sutton 224-208. This changed to 224-209 in the second day's count. 

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