ELECTION UPDATE Nov.8: San Juan County Levy lid lift passes by 160 votes; 300 ballots left to count

San Juan County voters approved by a 51 percent to 49 percent margin, a 22-cent per thousand of assessed value levy  lid lift that will provide funding for IOSA, 4-H, some senior services and more. The lid lift does not expire like the current 16-cent one does.

With approximately 300 ballots left to count, the 160 vote margin  3,602 to 3,442 is likely to hold up. Assuming all of the 300 remaining ballots contain votes on the local proposition, more than 230 of them would have to be no votes to defeat the measure. 

The most recent vote totals, released at 4 p.m Friday, November 8, 2019 can be viewed on San Juan County's website  7,545 ballots were counted. There are 13,719 registered voters in the county. The turnout was 55 percent. 

Many of the races only  had one candidate. Three races which have been the closest are: 

Port of Orcas Island Commission position No. 1: PIerrette Guimond has pulled ahead and has 1,190 votes to Clyde Duke's 1,100.

Port of Orcas Island Commission position No. 5: Mia Kartiganer has 1,269 to  Greg Ayers'  1,037.

Eastsound Sewer and Water Commission: Terrence Mullan has 396 votes and Edwin Sutton has 353..

Once all the ballots are counted, the Canvass Board will meet to deal with any questionable ballots. The results aren't finalized until the election is certified  on November 26, 2019. 



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