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13,235 ballots mailed Jan. 21 for Feb. 11 election in the San Juan Islands

The 18-day period for the February 11, 2020 Special Election begins January 24. A total of 13,235 ballots have been mailed to San Juan County voters. Two local measures are on the ballot. The first, asking for funding for new communication equipment for law enforcement, fire departments and emergency medical services will be voted on county-wide.

The second measure - San Juan Island School District maintenance and operations levy- is voted on by voters in the school district boundaries. 

Proposition No. 1 - Sales and Use Tax for Emergency Communication Systems and Facilities (https://voter.votewa.gov/GenericVoterGuide.aspx?e=862&c=28#/measure/4449) -  would authorize the imposition of a countywide sales and use tax of five one-hundredths of one percent (0.05%) without an expiration date; and a second countywide sales and use tax of fifteen one-hundredths of one percent (0.15%) that expires after 60 months, with the revenue therefrom used for all expenses provided by statute for the design, financing, acquisition, construction, operation, remodeling and improvement of emergency communication systems and facilities.

San Juan Island School District #149 - Proposition No. 1 - Capital Levy for School Facilities & Technology - (https://voter.votewa.gov/GenericVoterGuide.aspx?e=862&c=28#/measure/4450) to fund improvements to school facilities and technology systems. This proposition authorizes the District to levy the following excess taxes, in place of an expiring levy, upon taxable property within the District in support of its Capital Projects Fund:


Collection Year  Estimated Levy Rate per $1,000  Assessed Value Total Amount 
 2021  $.3917919  $1,353,750
 2022  $.3917919  $1,353,750
 2023  $.3917919  $1,353,750
 2024  $.3917919  $1,353,750


Voters can register to vote up until Election Day. Read more about registering on the San Juan County Elections web pages.  

Ballots must be in ballot boxes by 8 p.m. February 11 or postmarked February 11. If you mail your ballot on February 11, election staff recommend you ask the Post Office staff to hand cancel your ballot so it is postmarked that day. Otherwise it might not be postmarked until it is processed on the mainland. 

The ballot boxes are located:

Friday Harbor, San Juan Island:

The Elections Office 55 Second Street

At the curb in front of the Sheriff's Office on Second Street

Orcas Island:

Orcas Island Senior Center at 62 Henry Road in  Eastsound

Lopez Island:

Lopez Island Fire District Office at 2228 Fisherman Bay Road on Lopez Island

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