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Ballots for Feb. 8 Special Election to be mailed out Jan. 18

Ballots for the February 8 Special Election will be mailed to voters on January 18, 2022. There are two levy resolutions on the ballot, both measures are for levies that replace existing levies expiring at the end of 2022. 50% approval is required for passage. VOTERS GUIDE

San Juan Island School District is asking voters to approve the Resolution No. 21-010 Replacement Education Programs and Operations Levy. 

San Juan Island Emergency Medical Services is seeking voter approval for  Resolution-No-21-562---Renew-Six-Year-EMS-Levy.

If you don’t receive your ballot by January 25, 2022, please contact the Elections Office in order to receive a replacement.

You can check your ballot status after it has been sent! VoteWa.gov allows you to view the status of your ballot, request a replacement, and see when we’ve received your ballot. Just select ’Ballot Status’ under the tab ’My Ballot’.

Ballot return envelopes now include prepaid postage, so there’s no need to worry about a stamp. You can return your ballot through the mail, through a ballot drop box, or by dropping it off at the San Juan County Elections Office. It’s that easy.

A ballot box is located curbside on Second Street in front of the county courthouse (near the stairs to the Sheriff's Office). Ballots can also be dropped off at the Elections Office located at 55 Second Street Suite A.

Ballots must be postmarked by February 8, 2022 or returned to one of the ballot drop boxes by 8:00 pm on Election Day. It’s important that these deadlines are kept so that your vote is able to be counted.

Drop boxes will be open January 7 through February 8 until 8:00 PM to receive ballots. After which they will be closed and no new ballots will be accepted. 


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