Larsen: Partial government shutdown will hurt Washington communities

WASHINGTON, D.C. –Rep. Rick Larsen (WA-02) issued the following statement regarding the impacts a partial government shutdown will have on Washington state communities.

“A partial government shutdown is bad for Washington state,” said Larsen. “The childish games played by President Trump and Republicans in Congress will cause Washington state organizations and our communities to feel the consequences of a shutdown.”

“I have heard from local organizations, like the Bellingham Food Bank, U.S. Department of Agriculture Service Center in Mount Vernon and Volunteers of America Western Washington, a partial shutdown will negatively impact operations, including their ability to provide funding for transportation, distribution and storage of food.

“This shutdown is unnecessary and will impact the thousands of workers who will now spend the holidays working without pay, especially the federal transportation personnel who will support the estimated 45 million passengers travelling during the holidays.”

Local Impacts of a Partial Government Shutdown

Bellingham Food Bank is an emergency food assistance distributor. A shutdown will impact their operations and ability to transport, distribute and store food.

A shutdown would close the USDA Service Center in Mount Vernon, which provides support for farmers and rural communities.

A long-term shutdown could impact Volunteers of America Western Washington’s operations and harm their ability to help the people they serve.

Washington State Department of Transportation will need to delay Federal Transit Administration grant payments during a shutdown.


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