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Larsen votes to hold Attorney General and former White House Counsel in Contempt of Congress

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Rep. Rick Larsen (WA-02) issued the following statement after voting to hold Attorney General Barr and former White House Counsel McGahn in contempt of Congress. The resolution also authorizes House Committees that have issued subpoenas as part of their oversight and investigation responsibilities to seek civil enforcement on those subpoenas to get important evidence.

“I voted to hold the Attorney General and former White House Counsel in contempt of Congress because Congress has a responsibility to hold the president accountable and root out corruption and incompetence in the administration. Despite the White House’s continued obstruction of legitimate Congressional inquiries, the House committees are making progress using the powers of Congress to do appropriate oversight of the president and the administration.

“I recognize there is frustration with the administration’s efforts to stonewall Congressional investigations and the slow pace of oversight, but this resolution is an important addition to Congress’ response to the administration.

“To date, committees have sued the president on several issues. The courts sided with the House of Representatives on subpoenaed documents on the emoluments clause and whether the president is personally benefiting from his position. The Intelligence Committee recently found a way to get documents from the Department of Justice on the Mueller investigation.

“Today’s vote sends a clear message to the president and his administration that the House of Representatives will continue to serve as a check and balance on the Executive Branch as the Framers envisioned and hold the president accountable for any malicious activity.”


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