Coast Guard issues warning about potential dangers of laser holiday lights near waterways

SEATTLE — The Coast Guard has received multiple reports from mariners that laser holiday lights are shining from waterfront residences and potentially affecting vessel operators’ vision.

“Many homes may be using laser holiday lights during this time of the year,” said Captain Joe Raymond, captain of the port, Sector Puget Sound. “We ask that waterfront residents be cognizant of the effects the lasers may be having on vessels operating nearby and be sure to point the lasers away from the waterway.”

The Coast Guard recommends all laser holiday light users heed directions and warnings of product manufacturers, as well as ensure their lights are not used in a manner that could distract or impact vessel operators. Any vessel operators that note distracting or harmful lasers while operating should report the sighting immediately to Coast Guard Sector Puget Sound at 206-217-6001.

For more information, please contact District 13 Public Affairs Office (206) 220-7237.

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