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Samish ferry crew and Coast Guard rescue 6 people and 2 dogs

Winds were 20 knots sustained with 30 knot gusts with 4' - 6' seas Saturday, March 9, 2024 in Rosario Strait when a small vessel took a wave over the bow, shattering its front windshield. Six people and their two dogs, Buster and Belle, were aboard  the boat. Some were injured by the broken windshield.

Crew members from Washington State Ferries Samish took a life boat to the disabled boat.  Charles Richardson photo

The broken windshield US Coast Guard Station Bellingham photo

The U.S. Coast Guard Station Bellingham received a call for assistance. Before the Coast Guard could arrive, crew members from WSF's Samish arrived at the scene via a life boat   

When a Coast Guard 45 RBM (Response Boat medium) arrived, the coxswain transferred two crewmembers to the damaged vessel to assess for first aid needs and seaworthiness of the distressed boat.

Coast Guard 45 RBM approaches the disabled boat. US Coast Guard Station Bellingham photo

The ferry slowed down for the 45 RBM and using its size created a shield from the wind and elements for the Coast Guard crew on the way to Anacortes. The Coast Guard crew embarked  two of the boaters and the two dogs to the 45 RBM. 

The other four individuals were transported to Anacortes via the ferry. They were met by Anacortes Fire and taken to receive further assistance.

The crew’s engineer, MK2 Lavarreda, drove the damaged boat and followed the 45 RBM to Cap Sante Marina where Anacortes Fire reunited the four individuals with those onboard the 45.

MK2 Lavarreda drove the damaged boat and followed the 45 RBM to Cap Sante Marina US Coast Guard Station Bellingham photo

Coast Guard crew members tie up the damaged boat at Cap Sante Marina as Belle and Buster wait. US Coast Guard Station Bellingham photo

The Samish sailing was understandably hours late as a result of the Good Samaritan action.

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