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Empty kayak found near Henry Island, 2 Canadian kayakers missing

Message from Sheriff Eric Peter: In the early morning hours on April 21, 2024 San Juan County Sheriff's Office was contacted by the Canadian Coast Guard informing us they were searching for two missing Canadian kayakers who had been in a two-person kayak.

 Daniel MacAlpine, 36, and Nicolas West, 26 set out in a two-person kayak at 2:15 pm April 20 for D'Arcy Island.

Around 11:30 AM the San Juan County Sheriff's Office was informed that the Canadian Coast Guard had located the kayak off the southwest corner of Henry Island but have not yet located the kayakers.

The Canadian Coast Guard asked if it would be possible for the Sheriff's Office to assist by sending a boat out to Henry Island area to help with the search. 

Personnel from the San Juan County Sheriff's office, used the sheriff's, boat and drone to search the areas along the west side of Henry island around to the southside in open bay where the kayak was recovered. The  drone was deployed and searched around Stuart Island as well. Sheriff's personnel also searched around Speiden island and were unable to locate any signs of the missing kayakers.

Canadian authorities were contacted and updated with the results of our efforts to search for the missing kayakers.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the kayakers and their families, and are hopeful that they are located and found.


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