Port of FH seeking replacement for Ahrenius' position - Apply by Oct. 15

The Port of Friday Harbor Commissioners are seeking a replacement to fill the remaining two years of Mike Ahrenius' term. He resigned last month. To be eligible you must be registered to vote and a resident of District 1. 

For more information about the Port of Friday Harbor  visit www.portfridayharbor.com


Attend meetings to establish broad policies for the overall direction and long-term objectives of the Port. Ideally, the policies reflect the values, priorities and needs of the community as well as providing the direction the Port needs to be competitive.

Hires an Executive Director to implement Port policies and objectives, and administer and operate the Port and its staff.

Determines the type of business activity in which the Port engages, identifies short and long-term business strategies, sets financial policies, adopts positions on legislation, and establishes the extent of use for powers of taxation and eminent domain.

According to the Port: This is a position in the community, not a job. It requires common sense and the ability to function as a leader. You will be an equal third of a decision making body. Commissioners describe their relationship as being similar to a Board of Directors with the CEO of a corporation. As elected officials charged with protecting public interests and resources, commissioners are accountable to the public in highly “transparent” ways that a typical corporate board member is not. Commission meetings are subject to the Open Public Meetings Act (Chapter 42.30 RCW) and typically run under two hours. Training on State laws and regulations that govern elected/appointed officials will be made available. As a Commissioner you can coordinate with the other Commissioners to select events to attend and represent the Port.


Commissioner compensation is $254 per month and $114 per meeting day (regardless of the number of meetings during the day), with a maximum of 96 days per year. The Commission regularly meets twice a month, but special meetings are sometimes scheduled. Participation in the Port’s medical plan is available.

Washington Public Ports Association (WPPA) conferences fees and travel are paid by the Port.

If you are interested, registered to vote, and reside in Port District 1, please submit a formal letter of interest by October 15, 2017 describing why you are applying and why you are confident you would be a highly-effective, and respected Port Commissioner.

Mail the above information to:

Port of Friday Harbor

Attention - District 1 Commission Opening

P.O. Box 889

Friday Harbor, WA 98250

Or deliver in person to the Port office at 204 Front Street

What is the selection process?

Letters of interest will be reviewed the week of October 16.  Topics to consider in your letter are posted here. Finalist candidates will be interviewed the following week

The two Commissioners will then decide and invite a new Commissioner for District 1.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Todd Nicholson – Executive Director toddn@portfridayharbor.org 360-298-7739

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