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Corporate-style annual report available for county's 2011 fiscal year

An annual financial report for the County for fiscal year 2011 is availble online.  County Auditor Milene Henley prepared the report in a new format designed to look more like a corporate annual report.

The county has always prepared an annual report for the State Auditor.

In addition to most of the schedules submitted to the State Auditor, the report includes some bonus reports of interest, as well as background on the county, its officers, and significant recent events.

Among the reports included in the Annual Report are schedules and/or graphs on sources and uses of cash, long-term debt, state and federal grants, building permits issued, unemployment rates  and total county cash.

Besides being available online at tinyurl.com/7gnzytw, the report can also be reached by  going to the Auditor’s home page on the county website, selecting “Auditor’s Quarterly Reports” from the left-side navigation bar, and clicking on “San Juan County Annual Report for Fiscal Year Ended December 31, 2011.”

Comb-bound printed copies of the report are available at the Auditor’s Office for $10.

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